15 Sets Of People You Must Meet This New Season…No5 Is Important

December 31, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 1 Comment »

Year 2017 that is about to end in a few hours, many people grumbled that, generally, global economy crunch never helped with the growth of their businesses but while some were too displeased with this global economic degradation, some people really recorded unprecedented success in all sphere of influence.

But in just a few hours to the New Year in Nigeria, (some parts of the world have already entered year 2018 as you are reading this)it is important to note that, the people you align with can make or maim you. So we bring to you 15 sets of people you need to meet in year 2018, if you want to fly above the rainbow.

The Encouragers

Even in discouraging situations of life, these people keep you going with encouraging words. May you meet them in Jesus name!

The Hand Lifters

They are those whose hands are strong enough to hold yours up when you are weak. They will locate you as you enter this New Year in Jesus name!

Destiny Helpers

They provide shoulders upon which you ride to fulfilling your dream and destiny. In the order of Mephibosheth, you will be called upon in Jesus name!

The Givers

These ones will give of their time, talent, and treasure to you in your hour of need. That person is cominf to you soon in Jesus name!

The Receivers

These ones are different from routine takers and serial beggars. You can’t be blessed if you don’t give, and you can’t give if there is no one to receive. Not all lands bring forth fruits, and not all hands that receive command blessings. You need those whose receiving hands will trigger abundant blessings unto you. Your shepherds and church workers are the areas you need to even look into most importantly. You will be a channel of blessings to them in Jesus name!

The Prayer Conquerors

You need more than prayer warriors in 2018. Many Prayer warriors pray from their heads only; Prayer conquerors pray from their heart and conquer. May you meet them in 2018 in Jesus name!

The Recommenders

 These are the ones who mention your name in quarters where your skills and talents will be celebrated; your issue is next to be discussed in the palace in Jesus name!

The Correctors

These are the ones who honestly tell you when you are wrong; they prevent you from digging a grave of mistakes that may bury your destiny; not some unscrupulous elements who will laugh and embrace you but mock you behind you. Not those who are waiting for you to err so they can enjoy the abusive words people are throwing at you. You will meet the correctors of your mistakes this season in Jesus name!

The Committed

Whether things are up or down, these ones are standing with you; people who committed to your cause, these types of people will locate you this 2018 in Jesus name!

The Loyal

No matter what, they work with you with all of their hearts to make things work well in your life; they are not naysayers who don’t see anything good about you. In your journey this year 2018, you shall encounter them in Jesus name!

The Truth-Tellers

They will not call night day, and day night. May you meet them this season in Jesus name

The Altruists

Altruism or selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures and a core aspect of various religious traditions and secular. These ones believe that life is not just about them, it is about you too and they will do anything humanly possible to see you at the top. You will meet with them this season in Jesus name!

The Reliable

You can count on them when it counts most; they will locate you this year 2018 in Jesus name!

The Contented

These ones are not greedy, they are satisfied with whatever they get from you and they bless you from their heart for it; May you meet them this season in Jesus name!

Lovers and Pursuers of God & Godly life

These ones are always connected to God; and they are always helping you with prayer to be connected too in all ramifications. They will connect with you this day and forever more. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Share this link; you will never be disconnected from your source who is your Maker, Eternal Rock of Ages and King Of Kings in Jesus name Amen.

Please take note of these people as you journey unto the New Year. Surely, you will waste your wasters and laugh your enemies to scorn in Jesus mighty name!

You are lifted In Jesus name!

– Kayode Amoyedo, additional reports by Alonge Michael

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