16 Categories Of People That Come To Imeko For Xmas Convocation

December 12, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 2 Comments »

It’s another end of the year where Celestial Church members from all walks of life teem at Celestial City, Imeko, Ogun State for the annual convocation. This year’s event, which is expected to have the first-ever service inside the Basilica, has gathered momentum. But, there is no way the church will gather such a magnitude of people and we won’t have all kinds of personalities around.

In this report, #cno’s Debrah Solaja is given analysis on the type of people you are expected to see. What class do you belong here? 

1. The Explorers/Wanderers: Their aims and objectives of coming to Imeko are to discover every nook and cranny of Imeko city. From the Obe palace to the stream, to the Imeko market. Mention anywhere in Imkeo, they know the place and you will begin to wonder if they live there all their lives. They never get tired of walking about like soldier ants.

2. The Traders: These set of people have no other purpose of storming Imeko City than to come and display their wares and make money in return, They sell their merchandise and mostly they don’t wear garments, the females  camouflaged with sutana caps and the males will adorn themselves with Celestial Church insignia. One can easily detect that they are not Celestial Church members

3. The Critics/Spies: These ones that won’t stop lamenting about the state and progress of the church and also criticising the  leaders of the church and their achievements and manner of administration. They never get to keep quiet till they leave Imeko with nothing.

4. The Music Addicts: These ones will patiently hang around till the musical artistes set up their stages and start performing. That’s why they don’t miss Imeko every year. They bother less about what’s going on in the Basilica, mercy land or any other place. They are either in front of Segun Nabi’s Stage, Mega 99 or Esther Igbekele’s and at the end of the performance, they begin to compare,  contract and argue amongst themselves which artiste is good, bad or ugly.

5. The Highly Spiritual CCC Members: These set of people barely leave the mercy land, morning, noon and night, you will find them there praying with several spiritual items till the end of the convocation.

6. The New Comers: The J.J.C that won’t stop being inquisitive about anything and everything. They keep on asking questions upon questions.

7. The Friendly Ones: They come to Imeko to basically make friends. You will see them with one person this minute and the next minute they are with another person. Their introduction speech is “you look familiar” or “I think I have met you before”. So  In case you come across them, don’t be surprised when they say it. It’s their way of life.

8. The “Loader” : These set of people are the ones that will come to Imeko with everything, cooking stoves, pots, gas cylinders, umbrella, mattress, flasks, blanket, bucket, iron and what have you. There is barely anything you ask from them that they won’t have. They always get a room for themselves within the city and have some ‘hangers’ put in the room where they go do whatever they like.

9. The Money Machine: If Imeko city was to be put up for sale, these set of people would have bought it long ago. They would have loaded their pockets and ATM cards from home and when they get to Imeko, they buy anything they come across. They keep on buying till they leave the city. From spiritual items to household utensils, to sutana, to food items and so on and so forth.

10. The Prophets And Prophetesses:Those ones that have fortified themselves with the Holy spirit before coming to Imeko and therefore will stop at nothing delivering messages to whosoever comes their way.

11. The Loners: The ones that come to Imeko alone with no family, friends or church members. Throughout their stay in Imeko, they will always be on their own and doing their things their own way all alone.

12. The Neat and Tidied Ones: No matter how dusty and harsh the atmosphere may be, you will always see their garment as white as snow. It will be shining all through.They always look clean and reserved.

13: The Ones That Come For Raffle Draw: They are particularly in Imeko because of USA Indianapolis Raffle Draw Mega Prize which is the car. Their focus is always on the mega prize and they never miss the opportunity to buy the raffle ticket.

14. The Carefree Ones: These set of people keep looking for one thing or the other that they’ve misplaced. They also forget most of their belongings in Imeko while going home

15. The Youths Who Are Ready To Mingle: These ones that will intentionally  bump into you and claiming it is accidental and from there friendship begins.

And the last but the the least is

16. The Smugglers: These people will only come to Imeko to cease the opportunity of the convention to buy things to sell when they return to their various home. Sometime, they make arrangement with the law enforcer and use the church as a cover up whereas they are just smugglers using the umbrella of the church as a cover up.

Which category do you belong to? Or which category would you like to include? Tell us in the comment box.

Note: No one should take this personal and it is just to gear up our expectations and anticipation towards the 2017 Christmas Convocation.


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2 responses to “16 Categories Of People That Come To Imeko For Xmas Convocation”

  1. sup. abayomi says:

    Yes most of them come bc’s of this merriment they don’t know how to pray just to dance and do wakaabout imeko and that is our own pilgrimage like Jerusalem where we pay huge amount to get there . may the Lord of SBJ open there spiritual eyes

  2. Oluwasakin says:

    Beautiful write up. In one or the other, we all fall into at least 5 categories. No one can claim to be in just one group.

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