7 Category Of Personalities You See During Announcement In CCC Parishes

November 6, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 3 Comments »

Immediately the parish secretary mounts the announcement podium and the cross are taken away from the doorways. Personalities of people in the church will change, you will no longer see the cool and reserved persons that sang Jerimoyamah into the church. This is synonymous to every Celestial church parish.

These are the categories of celestians during announcements

1. The ones that will fly outside the church in a twinkle of an eye for no apparent reason. They just can’t stand the sight of the church secretary on the podium

2. The one who immediately starts up a debate inside the church, while announcement is going they are also having their own debate either at the back of the church or on their sit

3. They ones that will just start wondering around the church compound aimlessly i.e from church to Sunday school, from Sunday to shepherd apartment, from there to Ile Abo. These set of Celestians never cease to amaze me.

4. The ones that will call Shepherd or parochial chairman’s meeting. I do not how they do this, but immediately announcement start they are already outside with in groups discussing about the code of conduct of the Shepherd, parochial chairman, harvest secretary etc.

5. The choirs too are not left out. You see them running to Sunday school to fight for biscuits, play around, disorganize activities there and doing all sort of things.

6. The ones that have already load snacks and biscuits with drinks in their bag, they just start eating and even sharing with their friends during announcement.

7. The once that will resume to their social media platforms as soon as they see the secretary moving towards the announcement podium.

Any category you might belong to #CNO is telling you today that there is not specific time of the service that the Angels share blessings, its might be that time that you’ve left the church for reasons best known to you and the Angel won’t meet you on your seat. Let’s put a stop to this dirty acts of ours so we can all be blessed!

God Almighty will help us all


3 responses to “7 Category Of Personalities You See During Announcement In CCC Parishes”

  1. adeyinka says:


  2. Tomide says:

    I am not on the list at all, because am the church secretary.

  3. Mk Kenny says:

    Me number 7..cos I’ll be reading news on CNO during announcement. 🙈🤣

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