7-Elder Prayer: 4 Attitudes Displayed By Many Members Uncovered!

November 29, 2017 / Deborah Solaja / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

There are so many attitudes displayed during the 7-Elder Prayer session. This is a section in the Celestial Church’s tenet that shouldn’t be joked with at all but many of our church members have turned it to something else. There are moment the choir members would put off the microphone when an elder seems to have lost in his or her prayer without putting full stop. Some will just be shouting Aaaaminnnnn to send a signal to the prayer warrior that ‘time up!

This actually led to some members of the church asking that this section of the seven-member prayer should be scraped and changed to Seven Prayer Points to be done by all members to allow every individual pray for themselves.

The reason for this utterance is basically because of the attitudes of some of us displayed during this time.


1.Those that will keep repeating prayer line: Even after the service conductor must have give instructions to them that they should avoid vain repetition. These set of people will always make sure they repeat their prayer lines. Reasons best known to them

2. Those that will digress to other areas of interest: This is very common in Celestial Church, no matter the instructions from the service conductor, digression will still be made. They totally drift away from the initial prayer points assigned to them and make sure they touch all the sectors of the church, nations, economy, family, friends etc.

3.Everlasting Prayers: These set of people will pray for a very long period of time. Whether they get response from the congregation or not, they are less concerned. They keep flowing in their prayers forgetting that ‘there are times and seasons to every purpose under the heaven.”. It is always as if they are on the mountain for deliverance prayers.

4. The Sleeping Mode Prayer: These people are the ones that will be murmuring mumbo-jumbos, they make meaning out of what they say and the people will just switch their sleeping mode on: you can hardly pick a point from their prayers. It always feels like they are talking to themselves and thereby encourage members to sleep.

We at #CNO will not support this line of reasoning that general prayer point should be introduced while 7-elder prayer scrapped. The doctrines and tenets of Celestial church cannot and should not be tampered with, reason is because they are not of this world but from heaven above just as the name implies (Celestial)which means heavenly bodies. The angels that gave the injunction for new moon service can decide to go for the 7 prayer points but everything done in CCC is beyond human comprehension

What do you think should be done to curb this excesses?Give your supposition or opposition in the comment box below


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