Àlágbá Michael Fọlọrunsọ Posted This in 2011, It’s Still Generating Controversy

December 30, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 2 Comments »

You won’t believe that a post of over 7 years is still generating a lot of controversies on Ijo Mimo Ti Kristi Lati Orun Wa’s page of Alagba Michael Folorunso. See the post below;

“Here is a testimony of two people Sup.Snr Leader Smith(R.I.P), who is a former interpreter of Papa from Yoruba to French and a prophetess known only to me as Iya Jesse a former choir member in Makoko and now a worshipper at International Headquarters, Ketu, I was there with my brothers, Oluremi Teniola and Olakunle David Teniola.

Papa said the next Pastor of Celestial church of Christ was shown to him and in that vision the man’s head was covered and his back was turned at him all he could see was his hand, and he Papa began to understand from the little that he saw and from the revelation that. 1. The man is not is family 2. He is from the black race 3. He is in the range of age of 40 and 4. When the unction or power of the Holy Spirit comes on him, at that instant in a 90 to 180 degrees radius and a distance quite far from him (which precisely i cannot remember now), the blind in that radius will see, the lame will walk, the deaf will hear, the dumb will talk, the sick will be healed and the dead will raise.

This is the vision of the man whom God will send and the works that will follow him just has it has followed Papa in seven folds.

I pray to be counted worthy to see these days because many are called few are chosen.”

Well, I guess this is already happening; we give God all the glory!

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2 responses to “Àlágbá Michael Fọlọrunsọ Posted This in 2011, It’s Still Generating Controversy”

  1. Tope Apoola says:

    It is quite unsettling that many Celestial Church members today have identical hopes and expectations to the Jews of old whom Christ refered to as a wicked generation for looking to the heavens for signs. Many of you want a Messiah-like kind of Pastor, who will perfomed all sorts of miracles, and have the whole world throdden at his feet. How childish! How unintelligient! God have quited doing things like that a long time ago. Please pay attention to this. This revelation might be what the church of God needs now.

    There is a song we sing to herald the arrival of Pastors in our church. “Jesu ti joba..” Now the second stanza goes thus, “Jesu ngbe inu mi, Jesu ngbe ‘nu mi. Emi mimo lo so fun mi wipe Jesu ngbe ‘nu mi”

    Translating as ” Jesus is made king” then followed by “Jesus lives in me. The Holy Spirit tells me so”

    God has been laughing at us all the while. There is no messainic pastor coming from anywhere. We are called to preach Christ, that is all. The best we can have is evangelists. Each of us has been made priests of the Most High. Even the founder was not called to be a pastor but to preach the gospel. The word “Epestoral” came to him after 5 years of the church, almost like an afterthought. The song we sing to greet our pastors, includes a cryptic message we never stood to understand. The Jesus who reigns is in us all.

    Many keep waiting for the Holy Spirit to come reveal a pastor. How funny. You think God will annoint yet another man who will become a demigod; a single charismatic figure who will call fire from heaven? To have such expectation shows you are not even Christians in the first place. You are no different from the wicked generation that Jesus condemned. The Board of Trustees have been “advised” by the Holy Spirit to give Revrend Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa a chance. And here he is. He is, you are, the one you have been waiting for. Quit looking to the skies, you wicked generation, and start doing what God calls you to do.

  2. Mike says:

    These people with their strange revelations will not let the church of God have peace

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