Amazing! An Ace Up The Sleeve Of Apostle Of Music, Remi Olabanji

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Remi Olabanji and #CNO Publisher

This embodiment of talent, Prophet Remi Olabanji, Celestial Church’s Music Apostle, has an ace up his sleeve for the 70th anniversary of the church which. According to him, it’s something that has never happened before in entire continent of Africa. When this project is out, we gathered, it will shake the foundation of the entertainment industry. For those who really do not know the music capability of this enigma of our time, it will be good to do your personal research about him before forming your opinion.

#CNO had an encounter with him at Sup. Evang. Peter Ajayi’s led Ade Ogo Parish, Alagbado area of Lagos where he was a guest artist at the Parish’s Adult Harvest Thanksgiving Service. He opened up on his newest project and what Celestial Church should be expecting from him before the end of this year. Enjoy your reading.

We haven’t heard anything from you recently Baba?

Olabanji: Well, we have been busy seriously, we have a project we are about to put finishing touches to. It started almost a year ago and it’s collaboration with 70 choirs in CCC in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of our church. It’s 70 choirs, 70 songs all composed by me, none of these 70 songs sounds the same or has same rhythm. It’s something that has never happened before in the history of this church even in Africa as a whole. I am not too sure we have something like that in the western world too.

You Mean 70 choirs in one album; how did you do that?

The world is a global village, if you can have a whole house stored in a small device, well, I think to make that possible shouldn’t be an issue. The album is a dope, each Parish has 10 minutes to sing and the songs are all composed by me. We are going to launch it at Ire Akari in Lagos, Imeko, Ondo, then Ibadan for now. If any interested party invites us to be launched, we will oblige them but I can tell you, it’s something every member of this church should be proud of. We have 70 talented instrumentalists drawn from different parishes across the nation that featured in the album.

How much would you say you have expended on the project so far?

Wow! In all honesty, I cannot really say this is how much we have spent on it because all my finances have gone into it and I also have a few friends, fans and family who have supported financially and materially. They know I don’t need money for car or house, God has provided all that, this is all I do, sing to glorify the name of God, so, if I ask for money, they won’t see me to want to lavish it on frivolity but on music in Celestial. This is all I do and it is a talented deposited in me by God and Papa Oshoffa endorsed it while he was with us in flesh.

I must confess, this is indeed huge, a very huge project coming from our Church; how then do you intend to sell it to the global audience?

Well, after the launch on or before December, we are not going to rush things because we have a lot of things loaded in it. We also have some Evangelists who made an input too. So, selling it, we cannot say for now or how much it will cost to have a copy but when we are done with it, we will fix a price but it will be moderate. There will always be value for money.


No doubt, this music icon is not just a blessing to this great church of ours but an Icon to reckon with as far as music is concerned in Celestial Church worldwide. His God-given talent has exported him to that status where he robs shoulders with international artistes. His performance at LULI, 2016, has remained unimaginable till date. Take it or leave it, Remi Olabanji is not one of those who follow the crowd into a life of mediocrity, he takes the road less traveled and lives his dreams.


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2 responses to “Amazing! An Ace Up The Sleeve Of Apostle Of Music, Remi Olabanji”

  1. Kolawole Olawuyi says:

    Gbogbo WA Ni Yio duro niwaju Oluwa,atagba ATI ewe ao SI rojo wa.Gbogbo aye lo se tiwon si kuna ogo ree…
    2.Ijo mimo latorun WA.Latorun WA /2c.
    Osee owon fun mi.
    3.Ijo mimo kole bajeo .Ina Jesu Ko se bomi pa….

  2. Jaiyeola T.G. says:

    Apostle Remi! More grace!

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