Are We Allowed To Add To The Names Given To A Baby During Christening?

November 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 10 Comments »

Naming service, a service that cannot be under emphasized in Celestial Church of Christ, what baffles me most of the time during this naming ceremony service is how some Celestial members’ parents go as far as including some names into the names given by the prophet or prophetess.

Every name has an angel working with it, that is why a prophet/prophetess has to be under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in order to carry a baby.This is to check names attached to the baby purpose in life.

Names given by father in law, mother in law, cousins , brother, neighbors, village relatives and so on without consultation of the Holy Spirit shouldn’t be added to a baby’s name, the reason, as researched by #CNO is that, the kinds of spirit/angel that works with those names might not be compatible with the child’s destiny and purpose.

Celestial Church is a perfect place of worship that was descended by Jesus Christ Himself to cleanse the world and none of our doctrines should be manipulated either by making an addition or removing from it.

Brethren in Celestial Church, we are here to learn from each other, do you think it’s a right thing to do or not?

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10 responses to “Are We Allowed To Add To The Names Given To A Baby During Christening?”

  1. Elder Isaiah CCC Chicago USA says:

    Omo celestial totoo, such questions shoul not be brought to social media, it is the responsibility of the shepherd to make sure that the doctrine of the church is not manipulated, before the administer of water,salt and honey,,with 7elders surrounding the baby,3males,3females and the elder in front of the prophet/prophetess,the shepherd must have gotten the names from the woli carrying the baby.listen guys,since the death of the founder our great church has lost some of his values,meaning when a member that suppose to be a mechanical engineer turns to be a shepherd.??????,He might have the knowledge of the bible,such individuals listen and please his members,instead of listening to God,and follow the doctrine.May God help his church.i had a situation of a member who during baptism exercise wants to use her personal name to be baptised (Iyadunni)”This is celestial church of Christ “I told her ,not impossible. Before getting ready to be baptised he/she must have gone through some tutorial class,”she worships under a shepherd “everyone/shepherd’s will give accounts of our stewardship before christ.”gbogbo wa ni yio duro niwaju oluwa “they have a choice to bring the baby to the church,or name your child at home and give him/her any name you desired ,but if the child is brought into the temple ,parents should be advise not to bring any name from outside to christen the baby,

  2. Olusegun thomas says:

    Actually the rules and regulation in celestial is not allow one to add to the name giving to a new baby, but to be realistic with each other some of our prophet and prophetess were not fully deep in spirit like the way it was before… Like the example one of my colleague give out imaging giving one baby blessing and ibukun….. I will advice our prophet and prophetess to put their self in spirit.

  3. Prophet. Awe Temitope from C.C.C Sharon parish,ikorodu says:

    When you have the name you want to give your child already then why waste the prophet’s time to go in spirit? Names are attached to destiny.Destiny can’t work without name…name describes and controls the destiny of the bearer….
    If name doesn’t have any importance, why did Angel Gabriel come down from Heaven and said”he shall be called Jesus…” Then angel Gabriel told Holy Mary his destiny…. Prophet Isaiah did the same; His name shall be called Emmanuel, the counsellor, the government shall be upon his shoulder….”.
    Yoruba adage says; oruko no nro ni…that’s your name tells who you are.
    You can’t call the baby another name apart from the biblical or spiritual names given him because the more you call him those names,the more his destiny becomes accessible and the angelic sojourners that came with him will continue to work with him…..
    This Angels don’t understand any other name aside the one given him from above…. That’s one of the reasons why those who are not christened in celestial church have to go for Baptism because they have to be given the right name that tallies with their destiny and the one the angel that brought them to the world understands…
    Additional names don’t add positively to his destiny but it can trauncate his destiny.
    God realised that many things had been polluted by the devil in the world even up to names; names like Judas,Saul,Gehaz,oyenusi,etc people now regard those names as been evil which is true!
    Have you heard prophets give celestial babies those names listed above?! Even non-celestian parents don’t do that; they believe that their children can live the same way as those people which can affect their future which is correct. That’s why God descended CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST to CLEANSE the world entirely….that’s why the child is to be brought to the church and given a clean and sanctified name.
    “When the purpose of a thing is not known: abuses is inevitable!”

  4. Kasumu Ogunleye says:

    Additional names with the one given by the Prophet /Prophetess is not wrong at all. Reasons are based on the fact that some of our Prophet/ Prophetess did not know the significant of naming a child. Naming has to do with destiny but unfortunately our Prophet/ Prophetess are not deep in spirit. Can you imagine a Prophetess naming a child Blessing and Ibukun at the same time. If you are the parents, won’t you add another name. Our Prophet/Prophetess need restructuring and orientation. The Prophet and the Prophetess are the causes of additional names by parents.

  5. prince says:

    Good post
    Let go back to d old way

  6. Sup EV (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa JP, says:

    When parents bring their new babies to be christened in church it is assumed that they are aware that the babies names will be revealed by the Holy Spirit. Therefore supplementing the divine names with Gbadegesin, Faderera, Adisa, Abidemi etc to be announced additionally in the service is not correct. If the new parents want to call their baby by other names at home, it is their choice. However, it is dangerous as our names have meanings and divine connotations and guidance.
    I was to lead a naming ceremony once and the leader in charge had placed the names on a sheet of paper in my hands. The new father rushed and knelt at my foot in front of the 7 Elders and the congregation. Without looking at him I waved him away and proceeded to do the Lords bidding as laid out in CCC Order of Service. After the service he came to apologise for interrupting me and that he wanted to give me some additional names provided by his in laws. I informed him that I would not have accepted those names from him, nor read it out if I knew strange names were subsequently being added. His in laws are entitled to call their baby by other names at home.
    I once attended a naming ceremony where in the course of announcing the names, the prophet carrying the baby vociferously shouted that those were not the names revealed to him by God. I was sat in front of the alter and could hear the loud strident protestations of the prophet. I was then told that the names have been changed and added to. Why? It is very dangerous.
    Divinely revealed names and the message sheet should never be tampered with and must be consulted from time to time. The bible states “write down what you have seen, both the things that are now happening and the things that WILL happen”- Revelations 1:19. Similarly, we are enjoined’go now, and write down these words. Write them in a book. They will stand until the end of time as a witness’.
    When our children later on become signs and wonders the world will take notice. “Then the Lord said to me, write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others”- Habakkuk 2:2.
    Our tenets are complete let us not add to them. Let our children go forth with the name and blessing of God unadulterated.

  7. Mother celestial mko says:

    Will Samuel. I can see that you are not happy with the question. I think your response is directed towards the writer Deborah Solaja. She only ask question not that she is confirming the statement

  8. Will Samuel says:

    What you know you say if don’t know you keep mouth close the naming ceremony that come up at making during Baba Bada that is the son to Rev. Oyewusi other names were mention as the we heard it up to 99names called for that day so names can be added go and ask the elders you coming up youth you the one spoiling celestial then you call yourself greater tomorrow and you people are trying things upside down just keep your mouth close or stop writing what you don’t know please.

  9. Alexander says:

    We r not allowed to add to d names but if d shepherd discovers d prophet/tess is not spiritually inclined, He may change d name of d baby.

  10. Olusegun Balogun says:

    Adding names to a baby’s name after the Prophet of God has given the names is very wrong in Celestial they may give you a name like Alpha but that name will not work for him and maybe his was destined to be rich but because you have given the name Alpha he might end stealing biillions or as a cultist God help his church.

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