Areas Of Blessings We All Ignore During Harvests

December 5, 2017 / Deborah Solaja / Give & Take / Add Comment »

The God of Celestial Church of Christ is a wonderful God that has given us huge and precious thing to behold.

Many Celestial Church members, after the celebration of harvest, will still remain in the same spot even through the year, and receive nothing because they are not spiritually sensitive enough to see things.

Many are carnal minded with negligence to the spirituality of harvest in the following areas :


1. The Area of service and bowing down/filing in

Only a few people joins in for the Holy service and even meet the bowing down point. We forget that the angels mark register and attendance of those who worship just as they mark attendance in schools.

Late Pastor Rev Alexander Abiodun Bada was quoted saying , ” the harvest was brought to the Sunday, and not the Sunday to harvest. The harvest must not hinder the worship of the glorious day.”

Being part of the service itself is a blessing and huge grace already. Missing the service is like missing a train. It’s very difficult to catch.

2. The sermon

The words released during sermon are blessings. Saint SBJ Oshoffa was noted to release blessings on the congregation after the sermon but only few wait to receive the blessing released on the Pulpit.

3. Thanksgiving and offering, and end of the service

Harvest is called a Thanksgiving service, then why do many of us miss doing Thanksgiving in an harvest? We are expected to bring thanks offering to the Lord called Jehovah.

But during this period, only a few people save the service conductor, choristers, and few others would be in the church.

Never come to the house of God empty handed and without Thanks offering on your harvest day or any other day except if you don’t want to receive anything from God.

4. Bazaar

This spiritual form of transaction with the Lord for divine increase and multiplication has yielded testimonies and shown the mystery of the God of Celestial Church of Christ.

One of such juicy stories was about a man who bought a candle during Bazaar and became a millionaire the following year during SBJ Oshoffa’s time.

But during this period, several members will be busy with music and eating etc doing all sorts, they would be carried away by the wind of activity whereas we ought to take part of the blessing God has prepared for us on the harvest day.

5. Sweeping the church premises.

Only few people tap into this channel of blessing. It’s a duty of honor unto the Lord, it shouldn’t be left for the Sides-men and church residents alone to do. Doing that will help your growth and business expansion…It’s one of the secrets of riches in Celestial Church of Christ. Humbled herself to do this and the Lord God will surely honor you.

6. Washing Choir Cape

It looks like nothing but it’s indeed a blessing to do this. I have heard several testimonies about this one particularly on the females and the choir. Many have gotten remarkable spouses, mouth watering jobs and blessings from this duty.

7. Alms-giving

Alms-giving and caring for strangers release blessings to the giver because you might be doing it for an angel in disguise. Do not hinder food and edibles or raise your voice against anyone. If you don’t have, kindly say please, come back or  “I am not bucks up at the moment.”

8. Pay your harvest dues

As long as you remember, what you sow is what you will reap, ensure you pay your harvest dues as the Lord has commanded. As long as you are blessed enough to carry the task, do it with all sense of diligence and moderation.

For a spiritual harvest, be in spirit at all time and be aware to present yourself as a crop in the sight of God ready to be harvested. Follow the service wholeheartedly and joyfully expecting a reward

-Tola Adele

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