Attitude Of Thanksgiving In Hymn 378

November 9, 2017 / Alonge Michael / CNO Hymnal Digest / 1 Comment »

Hymn 378

It’s fitting for us to thank our King and Lord

Let us give thanks offering to our Lord

Little ants give thanks to God, sands of sea shore offer thanks

Let’s also give our thanks, Halleluyah to the Lord

Let us give praises to God. Amen.

How often do you give thanks to God Almighty your Creator? Do you wait till you get to church for one service or the other before you thank God for His infinite mercies, His love over you and your family, His Goodness you receive all the time, His provision for all your needs?

This hymn says little ants give thanks, ants of the earth that do not have any responsibility or liability to cater for, but you humans, God has been the one catering for all your needs, you need to be appreciative. The only thing He asks in return is thanksgiving. Is that too much to ask from you?

Brethren in the Lord, this is the time to emulate thanksgiving attitude!

May God Almighty accept our thanks offering In Jesus Name. Amen


One response to “Attitude Of Thanksgiving In Hymn 378”

  1. Olusegun Balogun says:

    This is food for thought

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