There Is A Balm Of Gilead In CCC Altars…Under It My Eyes Were Restored!  (Must-Read)

January 10, 2018 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

Endeavour to read this brethren and see how wonderful is the name of Jehovah in our church, CCC. God is good, all the time.

“Alleluiah! I have read series of articles on your site and I must indeed commend your effort for doing a good job. I was born in the church over 40 years ago, my dad who has since joined the other faction allows all his children to follow whosoever faction we wish to follow.

Something strange happened to me one night, I was asleep and I had a vision that a woman used Abonikin rob to rub my eyes, it was exactly 3am on Sunday Morning, and I couldn’t see again, I was in the dark.

A night before, something just ministered to me to go sleep in church since where I stay is a bit far from the parish I attend on Sundays. I couldn’t call the Shepherd or his assistant, all I did was to manage to crawl to the altar, since I was familiar with the position of the altar before I became blind. I put my head under the big altar and I was praying fervently for restoration of my eyes while at the same time rebuking the devil and his cohorts.

It was after the bell for service around 5:25 rang that I was conscious of where I was, to God be the glory, I became whole as my two eyes got opened under that altar.

For those of you who defile the altar of God in CCC, there is a God there that heals, no matter what your sickness is, only call on Him with a clean hand and a pure heart. I have seen the goodness of God in this church and forever I shall remain here.

Evang. Alayo.

Ogun State.”

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2 responses to “There Is A Balm Of Gilead In CCC Altars…Under It My Eyes Were Restored!  (Must-Read)”

  1. Oluwatoyin Stephen Alabi says:

    Celestial Altar God’s THRONE, So it is full of all kind of Miracle. Thx. Editor God Blessssss Uuuu

  2. Honorary Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha says:

    The altar in Celestial Church Of Christ remains a complete healing arena but very few knows about this. Not even some shepherds who are supposedly the custodians of such altars.
    About 18 years ago while a leader with celestial church of Christ, Ararite Parish at Lawal street, Ikotun,Lagos (headed by the late Thompson Lawal the former Lagos state Task Force Chairman )I was privileged to minister that day and a man partially blind was in service. The Holy spirit ministered that the man should return back to the entrance of the entrance and look at the altar. Before this, he was asked to look at the altar where he was standing and count the number of burning candles. He did but said his sight wasn’t clear enough to know how many they were.
    He was instructed to return back to the entrance and then look at the altar again. He did and was asked to should 7 hallelujahs instead of Halleluyahs. He did and when he looked at the same altar and was able to count 7 candles lights burning and saw other things on the altar from the back.
    Just two years ago at Celestial church of Christ Irawo Iyanu parish where I worship, same scenario still repeated itself with a woman member whose name I can give here on demand.
    Today, she doesn’t depend on glasses to see.
    That same altar did the extraordinary in my life three years ago.
    At my place of work, many staffs were diagnosed with hepatitis B including myself and we were advised to go for treatment within one year and return back to the company medical doctor for checks and updates.
    For many days, I tried to figure out how I could have contacted such an illness.
    When I got tired of asking questions without getting answers knowing I don’t live a wayward life, I just collected the complete doctor’s reports and took them to church and pleaded with my shepherds shepherd to help me put them inside the altar. About 9 months later, their was an electrical spark from the mains supply that led to some cables burning and the altar was affected. The medical papers were burnt and when I came to church the Sunday following the incident, I met the documents at the dust bin site. I did not bother to ask any questions because my spirit just ministered to me that “whatever is useless and not useful is found in the dustbin “and I keyed into that message for my sickness to be useless and of no value and should be forgotten.
    Two years after the incidents now, my medical history has been restored normal.
    Should I also add here that I once had a very terrible chest pain for more than 10 years and only got completely cured the day I drank water from the altar?
    God’s promises to Solomon during the dedication of the altar has completely been restored to celestial altars but only known by very few worshipers.
    Glory to God.
    If celestial altar can not do it, no altar on earth can. But we must approach the altar in pure holiness and the altar must be what we know and call it as Celestial Altar not any shrine.

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