This Has Become A Norm Now In Our Church…Is It Right?

October 19, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 1 Comment »

Let’s use the man Christians claim to be following His ways as a typical example. Jesus Christ when he was in human form with us, he was so humble that it was even difficult to identify him among his disciples by folks, fiends and friends.

During the lifetime of Papa SBJ Oshoffa, as the founder of this great church, no one would have challenged his authority if he had insisted his photo be used on every signpost of the church. What we grew up to see was a sign of Cross or Jesus. It was after his demise that some people started inserting his photo on the signpost. (Well, that I don’t think is bad, at least, to immortalize him)

But today, the style has taken a new turn, a lot of the ministers/Evangelists we have in the church nowadays use their personal photos so bold that one would think they are the real Messiah! What miracle or effect can the photo do? What’s the purpose of using their big, bold photos on the signpost for? This seems to have become a standard pattern of behavior that is considered normal in our church now.

Methinks, that style is one of the ways to privatize the business of evangelism and such an act often brings extortion and any form of ungodly acts is a sin before Jehovah.

Many of these people engaging in this kind of an act are only doing the Drama while the genuine men of God who are following the tenets and doctrine of the church religiously are keeping the Dream.

Jesus’ sense of humility was so obvious that Judas Iscariot had to show him to the enemies because he never showed himself to be anything. Even after His miracles, he would tell his men not to spot him out. This is what a true and genuine man of God should emulate!

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One response to “This Has Become A Norm Now In Our Church…Is It Right?”

  1. GreatAkins says:

    This act is part of the recklessness of the group of shepherds that called themselves landlord shepherds.
    They gave themselves titles as they desire.
    They are the enemies of the church that will leak the dust.

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