If You Belong To This Class Of Shepherds, You Are On Highway To Hell

November 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

For the fact that you’re a pastor/ Shepherd, worker in the vineyard, deacon etc is not a direct ticket to the kingdom of heaven. No matter who you are, if you fall below God’s standard, then you have lost the kingdom and it’s righteousness; though you may benefit from the “all other things”. Here are some of the criteria that says “pastor! Shepherd! Deacon! Evangelist! Elder! Brother/Sister! You’re on your high way to hell.

If you’re in the office attending to members (mostly rich) when the service is in progress, you’re on your highway to hell. Who told you that you’re exempted from worship

If you’re only strategising various methods of rubbing members off their hard earned money, you’d better think twice. All those different kinds of seed that are not recognised by God that you make them sow in the name of God I.e pastor seed, sermon seed, cake seed, fuel for pastor’s car seed, end of the year seed and many more as you create them. You’re driving those who cannot afford it away from church and into the hands of the enemy; you’re on your high way to hell.

If because of your post in church, you’re now too big to lift up your hands and worship, your lips are too big to sing praises, you cannot dance in church, I tell you, God doesn’t recognize you.

If fornication and adultery is your companions in ministry, you chase after all the young girls in the church, married women are not exempted in fact, anything in skirt is under your lustful radar, you’re already in hell not even on the highway.

If you always have special deliverance for females only in special quiet locations, or your anointing is now so powerful that you now use kisses and sex to heal or perform miracles, my brother, you’re in partnership with the devil because there is not one miracle in the bible where kiss or sex was used, so who is your teacher? Definitely not Jesus!

If embezzling church fund is your hubby and your backup quotation is that ” A workman is worthy of his meat”, you’re a “thief” and nothing else. That’s why you’re always manipulating the church account books. All thieves will end up in hell.

If your messages are now more of prosperity and not salvation ( prosperity is good but it should not be placed above salvation), you’re making people loose their way and you will end up in hell.

If you now receive praise due to God and you now see yourself to be somebody. You insult anyone anytime anywhere and the people are afraid to question you because of the name of God, you’ll probably get away with it here on earth but in the next, you’ll be rightly judged.

If you smoke or take alcohol, what example are you to your members? If you take performance enhancing drugs and you come to church to lead worship and praise and you roll on the floor as if you’re under the influence of the Holy Spirit unknown to people is that you’re under the anointing of alcohol and other substance you use, God doesn’t recognize you.

If you switch the truth for money, or you dilute the truth in your sermons so that your rich members will not leave the church, or you support evil because of money, both you and them are on the highway to hell.

If mammon now rules your church, those who head departments in the church are chosen by how rich they are and not by the directions of the Holy Spirit, there is trouble, your church is worldly and God doesn’t recognize you.

If you’re always on phone, social media, etc during service or you hardly have time to study the word of God, brother! You’re far from God and closer to the devil and hell.

If you’re angry or jealous of the gift of God in the life of another brother, and you try to sabotage his personality, you’re on your highway to hell.

If you’re against all these items, please check yourself. Jesus told Simon in Luke 22:31 that the devil wants to make him fall… Don’t let pride cover your sense of judgement, repent and turn to God. It has been a long while you fellowshiped with Him (God) in truth. Your register in heaven has been on constant absenteeism for a while now. Shepherds, pastors Deacon, Evangelists, Elders, brothers and sisters, turn to the Lord in truth; don’t feel too big before your Creator. He is waiting for you (Rev.3:20). Repent and turn to him. May His grace be sufficient for us all. Amen


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