Benefits Of Early Morning Service To Celestial Church Members

November 30, 2017 / Deborah Solaja / Code Of Conduct / 1 Comment »

God of Celestial Church has so much blessed us with heavenly and righteous concepts of worship to the extent that the doctrine and tenets of the church are perfect.

In all our activities, worship of God is placed at the center. Day and night, hourly, weekly and monthly, we worship God just like the heavenlies do. This is the heritage of a true Celestial Church.

Any Celestial Church member that doesn’t know how to worship isn’t a true Celestial Church of Christ member.

Early morning service begins our day in CCC from 5:30am to 6-30am signified by the ringing of the bell.

We are given hourlies of worship in CCC of which early morning service commences the daily worship and devotion.


Ji Ji mo Ji o baba

Mo wa fope fun o

Mo sun layo, mo Ji layo

Mo wa yin o logo

Early morning services shows the importance of appreciating and thanking God for sparing our lives from evil.

Biblical references to this are not far-fetchedlet’s look at Psalm 5:3, “My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, o Lord, in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee and will look up.”

Psalm 88:13, “But unto thee have I cried, o Lord, and in the morning shall my prayer prevent thee.”

Celestial Church is unique as with its accommodating feature that allows one to reside and dwell in the house of the Lord, the Levites, the people under protection and dwelling in the church premises for one reason or the other.

Another blessed to the church is that in this service, we put our journey and activities for the day before the Lord, as evil works 24/7, so we commit our day into His hands and redeem each day with prayers..

The Lord’s leading and eyes are prayed for, as the adage goes, the “calabash placed before the hands of God doesn’t break.”

Another inviolability is the sweeping and cleaning of the premises and church before the service commences between the hours of 5:00-5:30 am of which the Lord cleanses the dirt in the lives of those involved in such.

Many have tapped blessings and testimonies from this spiritual act. We have written severally about that on #CNO

At the end we give the early morning thanks offering if there is any, and the end of the service to be preceded by congregational prayer. Early morning service embeds us in a wonderful fellowship and acknowledgment of God almighty in worship and thanks.

It is a service which is a function of worship and fellowship with the almighty God.

It’s typical and highly recommended that every Celestial Church member partake in this service at home or church, as one family.

God bless the Church! Amen

-Tola Adele

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One response to “Benefits Of Early Morning Service To Celestial Church Members”

  1. Evangelist Gabriel Majemu says:

    Please the song u rendered here is not celestial hymn and remember we are not to worship in celestial church with others hymn that song is a borrowed hymn but our own version is hymn 409 Jesu ire loba Mi 4times
    Bi mo baji lowuro ma ke pe o o (3times)
    Bo ba da asale ma ke pe o o.Amin

    Another one that is related to it is
    Mo sun layo
    Mo ji layo afogo fo oluwa mo
    Ji layo baba mo du pe oo this is what we use in representing that hymn the writer sang .so please take note we don’t use jiji LA ji o baba for worshiping in celestial Church .

    We can sing it ordinarily but the during our worshiping hymn.please take note!!! Halleluyah

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