Between Tosho Oshoffa And A CCC Elder…Let Peace Reign

December 29, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 15 Comments »

“There’s a CCC Elder that believes his curses on me at every CCC Public engagement would have any effect on me…..that Elder is just wasting his time…………………..

I shall Not die before you Old Man. Those close to him should please tell him to stop wasting his time on Cursing me…..I reserve the Name.”

Our attention was drawn to the above post recently made by Snr. Evang. Olatosho Oshoffa on his Facebook Page where he alleged a certain elder in CCC to have been reigning curses on him. According to information gathered from grapevine, we discovered that, Tosho was referring to a prayer made by an elder during the Imeko Xmas Convocation service. This platform is appealing to Snr. Evang. Tosho and the Elder to sheath their swords and embrace peace for the sake of Oshoffa under whose name and authority we all gather as a family.

#CNO digs further into this case and we’re amazed to discover that Tosho was actually referring to an elder’s prayer where the old man said everyone working against the progress of the church would be cut short by God….since the hardworking evangelist, Tosho is not working against the progress of the church, definitely the said elder’s pronouncement wouldn’t have been directed to Tosho Oshoffa.

CNO wants to use this medium to appeal to Snr. Evang. Tosho to continue with the progressive works and look forward to building a Celestial Church for all while we beg the elder who is allegedly praying with curses to desist from uttering prayers that are not meant for this holy gathering.

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15 responses to “Between Tosho Oshoffa And A CCC Elder…Let Peace Reign”

  1. Evan Akinwunmi says:

    Celestial nibo lanulo e fi alangba joye eo kilo fun Omo olore,adura mi ni wipe Olu ijo mimo tete sokale ma wa gba akoso,Orin ijomimo sope, Ojo no pe loni ijomimo ro daju ijomimo……..And Nigbati fere Oluwa yio de tise ki yio si mo……….. ,Ijomimo ni yio we aye mi.

  2. ASPdaPrince Ajibade says:

    I think any spirit-filled Celestial member should neva see prayers being offered in d fold to be directed at such a member.
    “Oju Oluwa n wo ise e re,
    awon Angeli Mimo n ko won,
    I ba se rere tabi ibi ere ise re ni Iwo yoo gba”.
    Every one of us should have a rethink and then seek for d unity n progress of d Church. May God help us all IJMN (Amen)

  3. Adejuwon VMSE says:

    Which prayer is not meant for a holy gatbering? Pls lers al a a spade a spade. Tosho has identified himself as an enemy of the church because the prayers were against enemies if the church and those who habe made themselves thorns in the flesh of his brother, Rev. EMF. Prayers habe just started. By the way there was a repeat of those dangerous prayers on Christmas day at Imeko. Tosho have nothing to fear if he is not one of those enemies of the church. But if he is, he better run to make amends. Its nevwr too late. God does not delight in the downfall of a sinner.

  4. Jacob Adebayo says:

    Evangelist Tosho is a very childish cry baby. Every single prayer of the said elder was in line. He, as a top man at the right hand od the Pastor has every right to wish the worst for his boss’ sworn enemies. Tosho jas by his own hands identifies himseld as one with his outburst. He has just started. More curses on the enemies of Rev. EMF Oshoffa. They will never know peace.

  5. Gbadebo says:

    You all are not born again I taught you all just came back from spiritual excises so you people said,its a shame that when ever you people gather you gather for war,not for peace or spiritual things, I wish papa oshoffa will just woke up and kill all of you that is spoiling this church, all they are fighting for is money,you people are not ashamed of yourselves ,must you fight for position in the church? Can’t you people go to school?look for job in cooperate companies, did you see baba badas children, well organise set of people,how can a tout Benjamin wear the dress of eveng and even allow to stand on the alter,did anyone of them even go to bible school?people like Pius and the rest of them too has refuse to do the right thing call this children to order but because they want to remain on top the decision maker in celestial they will not talk God forgive you all,evang Alonge continue to say and expose them till they repeant and do the right thing in this fold so we can have a beautiful home and spiritual filled celestial church peace.stop using candle to ba teyan je oo

  6. GreatAkins says:

    A Yoruba adage says “Agba kii wa l’oja k’ori Omo titun wo”. If the said elder is truly an elder he shouldn’t have behaved childishly.

  7. Evang. Elijah says:

    celestial church is God’s beloved Church ,every member will surely be rewarded according to his or her doings in the church. No one can fight for God. Remembered that judgment day is at hand, (kilao wi kila o so ,gbati Baba BA pe wa o pe omo siwo ko ma Bo, wa siro ise owo re) let there be peace and love. Halleluyah

  8. Araloba says:

    One thing I know about celestial is this, celestial is a medical hospital from heaven, it deals with all forms of sickness so within celestial u will see mad people like wise blind people even animals in human skin, let ur Mr Benjamin o comes out and tell us what evangelist Alonge has done wrong I pray God open ur ears and eyes on time so that u can see the goodness of God in what evangelist Alonge is doing the CNO won’t relent unless celestial become 1as ever

  9. Anon says:

    Does Papa Oshoffa compulsory Celestial to pay tithe? The only reason there are factions is because of tithe. Let there be circular that tithe is by will and every tithe sent to Ketu most goto the widow, orphanage and low mental people on every month.. Then nobody will fight another…

  10. Olarewaju Solomon says:

    Mr Peter, does every media house have to take permission before from the likes of Trump, Fani Kayode and others before using their Social Media posts as news.

    Go and learn modern day journalism.

  11. V/M/S/Ev Elijah Ajayi says:

    We should be mindful of our response on this platform. Must we respond to worsen the case or better it? Evangelist Alonge that I know is never a coward. The first person to respond to this write up should please desist from such rubbish comment or keep his mouth shut if he doesn’t know what to say. From your comment, you are the one looking for favour and not the writer.

  12. Cephars Peter says:

    Did You seek permission from Tosho before making a blog of his timeline post? Nigerian with barbaric act. Seeking Recognition after being beaten by one Mr. BENJAMIN O. Recently

    • aladeniyi says:

      It’s obvious you are a fool. If you are not you won’t be saying nonsense that never happened. Evang Alonge that I know will stand and face your Benjamin you talked about. Alonge is not a coward like you who can not even reveal his identity. I always say it that so many sick people in this church, you are obviously one of them. Animal in human skin.

      • Sup Evangelist Tosho Ekunboyejo says:

        Why why and why pls people are reading this very embarrassing when you celestial are talking like this to your self please let’s embrace peace and love God will help us …..THE PILGRIM PROGRESS

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