Beware Of Honey You Lick During Service…Many Of Them Come From Evil Shrine

September 29, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 5 Comments »

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How long are we going to keep silence about some abnormal things that happen in our church? History told me that once you have gone to get powers from the devil, as soon as you put your hand in the water at the entrance, things start to work against you. How I wish those days could be reversed.

An elder in the church once took me to a herbalist home to seek solution for a spiritual problem, thought I was being taken to a prophet’s place. On discovering where I was, I feigned ignorant of it and played along just for me to have a story to tell.

A shepherd took a friend to a wizard’s shrine at Bajulaye Bariga area of Lagos there he met a woman who was supplying honey to the shepherd that he (Shepherd) often gives to the congregation every Sunday. Both Shepherds and my friend are still alive today. Wish I could mention names.

Beware of honey they give you to lick on Sundays when you even know that your shepherd’s image is questionable. Members be at alert, this 70th birthday of the church is moment that will reveal the hidden secrets of those who claim to be clergymen whereas they are devil incarnates. Get out of them, don’t be part of them. This is a sign of warning from God to you!

I have had series of attacks within a week, I swear, God will not make you have victory. Keep it up, we will keep praying too. We may be nothing and powerless just like the little David but God gave him victory over Goliath. We appear small but we have a father who is a great mighty in battle. Try my God and have your life end like tornadoes. Eni T’Olorun Se Ti Re, Talo Le Koju Ija Si


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5 responses to “Beware Of Honey You Lick During Service…Many Of Them Come From Evil Shrine”

  1. GreatAkins says:

    What we are expecting is a new celestial church where many things will be abolished. All these spiritual rituals will become things of the past. Wait and see, the power that is to come will expose many hidden secretes of those herberlist called Shepherds. The whole world will see the hand of God.
    The divine mission of CCC is great. All what is happening in CCC today is just a battle between Jesus Xst and devil. And, for the lion of Judah is the crown.

  2. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    I do have my reservation at the citation, it would have been good to come out with those that tarnish the image of the fold. We can’t be in bondage of analysing which product is obtained from herbalist or witches, I don’t want to have Spirit of fear in a place am supposed to be free. If the parish or the sherpherd is exposed , it will serve as deterrent to others that want to do same. . Let all prophecies be abolished then as they are the one with ise ipese, with this article , I may not take ipese again and what happens when am asked to do same ipese ,who will trust me to take.
    Please the time has come to come out clean. Say the truth and stand by it. I do believe that Bible is clear about not swearing, there’s no need for that. God bless your ministry sir.

  3. Pro sola says:

    I think it is very good that you are, helping to reveal the flaws of those who are doing abominable things in the church. However by airing such a article out in public on the web is doing more damage than good. Furthermore this platform should be used to promote the true beauty of celestial not to be indirectly placing a question mark over the church in the eyes of the public.
    May Jehovah help his church IJMN.

  4. Kasumu Ogunleye says:

    My brother , it is not only honey they used on people. Is only God that will take absolute control of the church. Some of them use water, in order to suppress members; when they are talking nobody should comment. Just because of power.

  5. femi Ajayi says:

    He who watches over israel never sleeps nor slumber…..The lord will continue to watch over you and all that are yours…no weapon nor enchantment will triumph over you,…..

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