Big Task For Shepherds, Sidemen/Women On Birthday Cake In Church

September 12, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

Sup. Evang. Olawole Famakinwa and we at #CNO are on the same page concerning the idea of bringing in cakes into the tabernacle of Jehovah. With the manner in which our members, mostly women have turned the church to a circus where all manners of things are displayed, only God could save the situation. Well, I only hope the women would do the needful and change for better.

Barrister Famakinwa has challenged shepherds from individual parish to empower their sidemen and side women to check and vet every cake that will be brought into the church for celebration for monikers like sexy, diva etc. As watchdogs of the church, the Onibodes should be allowed to carry out this task successfully without fear or favour. Until all these are applied then we can now beginning to witness the new dawn we all clamour for in CCC.

“In the RCCG during the first Sunday of each month, all members whose birthday falls in that month are invited for prayers and thanksgiving on that first Sunday. A cake is provided by the church. You all take a group photograph with the cake. If you want to a celebrant can have an individual photo with the cake. Of course the cake would not have monikers like ‘sexy’, ‘olori’, ‘babe’ there on. Such epithets are unbecoming of a Christian. Such epithet is unbecoming of a true Christian. A young lady calls herself an Olori, with no identified Oba. She must be with different men in practice. The inscription speaks volumes about the celebrant and or the mindset of whoever paid for the cake. Show me your friend…

In the U.K. everyone whose birthday is occurring in that month have their names read out on the first Sunday during announcements and they are parlayed for. Individuals can have their thanks offerings as and when they want to. However, the cutting of cakes is done after the service.

The lesson to learn from the cake and photo complained of is that shepherds and sides men should be alert about what comes into the church. The Onibodes should have read the inscription when it was brought in and advised the Shepherd and the celebrant accordingly. THAT CAKE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED IN THE CHURCH AUDITORIUM on account of its inscriptions. Our leaders should be vigilant. It can be cut on terrace outside. My expectation is that our women should be demure, chaste and modest in appearance once they wear the sutana.

They can be dogs, man eaters, runz girls when they are at home or on the streets. However, the church is the house of God and we should as humanly possible appear before Him in a sober, penitent and humble countenance. Not with revealing brassieres, painted faces, nose rings, earrings by men etc. This is not a party. There is a time and place for everything.

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