This Is Bitter Truth From A Young Female Member Of This Church…Please Read It

October 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 6 Comments »

Not until one starts to carry all the titles or regalia in the church around before you can share the good news of Christ. This beautiful young lady, Fayomi Bisola a.k.a Tolu Lope, has indeed said it all concerning some of the characters we have in this church.


lying on my bed and thinking about this great church, CCC-Ijo Mimo Ti Krisiti Lati Orun Wa filled with lulified people who enjoy the grace given to us through our father and founder, Papa S.B.J. Oshoffa.

Now is the season of harvest and celebration (Ajodun Ikore). Those Who still cultivate the habit of “It’s I that bought the harvest cow or rice etc “ and so use this as an avenue to take all the meats and rice meant for the harvest to your house should please stop this bad attitude…It saddens my heart when some people don’t even know the value of what they have. Celestial Church of Christ is a spiritual church and we should know it’s a privilege to be among this last boat of salvation.

Whatever you acquire on earth will perish here on earth so why not use that which you acquire and all that you have to serve Jehovah , the owner of everything you have in honesty and in truth…If only some of us know and realize the benefits and joy of Harvest and the good tiding that follows afterwards, we would be appreciative of His presence in our lives.

Those people who behave abnormally during harvest because of food and drinks just because they are the ones who got the church cow for harvest should change for the better and those who always look out for faults in others should repent as well. Do the harvest so you can have seasons of abundant blessings.

Let us  always remember that whatever position we find ourselves in today, it isn’t by our might and God knows the way he does His things. Whether you answer God’s call or not, God works will not suffer delay. For every Elijah there are 7000 people hiding ready to be used for His glory, anyone is replaceable. And to those in the right path continue doing your best because you may slip but God isn’t going to let you fall, His loving arms will always be there to catch you. I pray that everything that gives us joy in our home, education, life and community will not come back to give us pain in Jesus name! Amen!!!

Tolu Lope

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6 responses to “This Is Bitter Truth From A Young Female Member Of This Church…Please Read It”

  1. Elitsjohnny says:

    As we are on talk- to – change the minds of some of us who are into practice of some of ordeal traits that doesn’t portrait good talk to edifying soul,body and the spirit whereby telling them the secrecy of IJO-MIMO .
    I do think same, how we have making our motives to catapult some non-sects and sects(TRUE-CELESTIANS) who are found thirsting of the water from the source of water where you doesn’t need to feel thirsty. The word of reprimand and exhortation could be more sweeter in the mouth of those who haven’t got their mouths smeared with the candy-sweetie that would makes unattractive.
    I am not saying it isn’t good idea to express our dis-satisfactorily on how the church progress physically isn’t in the tantamount to the growth in the spirit. GBOGBO AYE LO SE LO SI KU NA OGO RE ….
    We must say it to change their mind and letting know what they are doing is very bad. The youths like- my sis…and myself . we won’t stop saying until we see change for good .

  2. Evang.Ade Oladapọ Oyenẹyẹ says:

    Real Talk. Wish her more Divine revelations. Hoping They will hear & Change.

  3. Alexander says:

    Nice write up.

  4. Ven/M/S/Ev. Elijah O Ajayi says:

    What a fantastic write up from little Tolulope. May the Lord God of Celestial Church of Christ increase you in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Amen.

  5. Shoremi says:

    Amen, good talk may God bless you

  6. Omoba Kenny says:

    Nice one.

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