Who Can Explain Photos Like This In The Choir Stall?

October 1, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 7 Comments »

We really need to be very cautious of the way we go about some things in our church. Stumbled on this photograph on Facebook where members of the church were having an argument over the choirmaster’s regalia the woman was decorated with.

The photo was forwarded to one of the elders in the church and it was confirmed to #CNO that this woman, wearing the blue and white regalia is obviously playing a role of a choirmaster in her parish. In the absence of choirmaster, a woman could actually play that role and be decorated in his robe.

So, for the woman and the other two, the pianist and probably a vocalist, what they are wearing is not against, in any way, the doctrine and rules that guide the affairs of the choir in Celestial Church of Christ.

Do you have any contrary opinion? Please state now so that we all can learn from each other.

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7 responses to “Who Can Explain Photos Like This In The Choir Stall?”

  1. Olutobi says:

    I joined Celestial Church of Christ in 1973 and left in 1997, as at 1997 it was clear to me that the organisation wasn’t been led by the Holy Spirit, from what I have heard from those left behind, things are even worse now that it was in the 90’s.

    I don’t know if things have changed now, but the woman is adorned with the Church’s organist robe, at least that was what it was before I left in ’97. That robe is nothing new, it has been around since the 60’s, if not earlier.

  2. Daniel... says:

    Choirmaster If the Choristers chooses a man as their head, while Choirmistress if a woman is chosen.
    Kindly Note:
    Choirmaster/Choirmistress – Blue Regalia with Yellow at the edge.
    Organist/Guitarist – White Regalia with Blue at the edge.
    White Regalia with Yellow at the edge – Not Celestial Choir Regalia..


    @ tejumade,eni ti ko i ti ku ko mo iru iku to ma pa oun.so watch ur mouth.u a only ask 2 coment on d post not abusive word.

  4. Oluso SMS says:

    I think we need to face the wrong in the church instead of taking sides and taking of faction. We are no longer interested in the oneness of the church but who the best faction is…Isokan Ijo Mimo is imperative

  5. Tejumade says:

    Toba, you did well in your explanation but you spoilt it all when you said it’s the people who are not under ketu. That’s arrant nonsense! Is it not under ketu dat a lot of silly acts happened? Is it not under ketu that in discipline is coming out from? Is it not your ketu that has refused to follow the tenants and order regarding how a pastor should emerge. Stop deceiving yourself, if we look very well, this pariah is from Ketu. All your blind leader knows is money nothing more.

    • Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

      Tejumade! Aba! Blind leader! God appoints leadership and let me tell you God is aware of the factions we have in the church. I beg of you be careful of what you say and how you give description. YOU ARE NOT GOD.
      Establish your post and leave every other. And to Alagba Tobago, let do away from the issue of factions and continue the truth you know about the church.

  6. Femi TOBA says:

    The post of choirmaster is not restricted to only male…female choirmaster are called choir mistress however if there is no man capable of the post woman can take the post.

    Also post of organist. Anyone who can play the instrument and assigned the post is eligible for the garment…
    Though in the past hardly u see the female playing or leading voice or coordinating choir but now we have female doing fine in this regards and if we found it in ccc it’s a good new thing…

    The only one white and yellow is what have not seen in ccc before I think that’s added by the parish… Most problem of this kind are always from parishes that are not under Ketu they do it cos nobody is checking them.. They want freedom so they do anyhow

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