CCC Student Fellowship: There Is Need For Supervisory Body To Be Instituted

November 10, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 6 Comments »

A supervisory body needs to be set up to oversee and check the excesses of Celestial Church of Christ Student Fellowships. Most of these student parishes are really not getting necessary supports from the apex body of the church unlike other denominations and this has caused a lot of them detouring from the primary functions of the CCCSF. Many of them have gone astray today because the two parties, the church and them, have failed to do the needful.

According to #CNO’s findings, some of them have isolated themselves from CCC worldwide because of the neglect caused by the authority; they so much believe in their own sovereignty that since they are student parishes, there should be no interference in their activities.

They have brought a lot of self-ideas and analogy to CCC, you will see them wearing ranks robes without baptism let alone anointment, and this is very common among the male folks.

A report was sent to #CNO recently that they are the architects of introducing tightly fitted garments both male and female into the fold. Their code of conduct generally, as we gathered, is really not in conformity with the constitution of the church due to lack of support and guidance from the apex body of the church.

Our reporter, Debrah Solaja Oyinlola personally went to CCC student parish Ijagun for sanctification, having prepared to buy a candle, soap and sponge; she was told that she might not need it.

Here is her report, “They told me I don’t need it, that they use only water there. I took the water, bath and left for home, I couldn’t enter the church because I felt I was still unclean. This same parish does not use incense, perfumes, and so many other spiritual items, they claim that they do not have money for it, yet they have a hostel of about 12 rooms where they collect not less than 30 thousand from each students. This is just a few to mention out of the many atrocities and irregularities of our students in various campuses.”

#CNO is using this medium to appeal to those in charge of church planting to look into the activities of CCCSF worldwide. I challenge the ‘institutor’ Sup. Evang. John Bada to set up a supervisory body that will always look into the affairs of our student parishes because they are the future of this great church and the future of a church should not be destroyed.


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6 responses to “CCC Student Fellowship: There Is Need For Supervisory Body To Be Instituted”

  1. Ododo says:

    Leave those kids alone let them serve God in their own little way. They are in school to study not to go do Cele. When they are out of school they will continue with the norm. Bad idea. Let those kids be. Kudos to them for uplifting the church.

  2. Zadok says:

    There are also implications of having supervisors up in these students parishes.

    You have only considered the “ilana” they are broken. Have you considered the integrity or whoever they would be bringing to be a part of these young minds? There have been reports of some shepherds sleeping with students in the name of being spiritual fathers of some students parishes.

    This matter is very dicey. I believe there should be support from the top. Spiritual support. And overseeing. But stifling youths’ creativity would only spark up rebellion.

  3. Mogbodofo Joshua says:

    We don’t want any individual nor body that are pastors oriented Celestian Elders or Youths to disrupt the existing stable organisational and administrative activities ongoing in the individuals Celestial Students Parishes in Nigeria. Conclusively , we don’t want any Supervisory body ……whoever is initiating the institution of a supervisory body should first Unite Celestial Church of Christ into having one Reverend Pastor before thinking of any supervision or no supervision. Thank You.

    • Mogbodofo Joshua says:

      Mainly because the bedrock of any problem in celestial church is the existing disparity amidst celestians which is emanating from the Numerous Reverend Pastors in the church . As such this has to be address before we could effectively address any other problem in the Church.

    • Zadok says:

      This is a very good argument

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