Children Service: Some Group Of CCC Members Are Clamouring For This

November 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 5 Comments »

We received this message from one of the women who are clamouring for change in the church concerning the rights of the children in the Children Department of the church, CCC.

“Halleluyah. Please we need a unified and separate Bible Reading for children departments in Celestial Church of Christ so that we can catch them young . ” Ijo Mimo toluwa ni ” Blessed be to us all in Christ name. Other denominations have unified syllabi and schemes for their children’s departments. Anyone on this platform who can reach the appropriate authorities of C.C.C. should please help. Thanks. -Omobuwajo Aina”

Well, firstly, we need to understand something here that Celestial Church is from above, the tenet and doctrine of the church should not be compared with that of other denominations. Be that as it may, it’s important, as raised by our mother, to look into the children department because if we don’t stand up for children then we don’t stand up for much.

Have we mothers and fathers in this great church ever worried about what becomes of our children tomorrow in this church? Do we really see them as people to look out for? It should be at the back of our hands that all children have rights and those rights must be well protected.

This woman, Omobuwajo Aina who is raising this issue might have seen some anomalies in the church that the children should not emulate hence her call for change. She is calling on the church’s leaders to change their strategic policies or doctrine in favour of children who are growing in the church to become the future of CCC, any doctrine that goes against the children in this church is unacceptable because, they actually have their own world to live.

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice, every child has the right to be respected, the right to dream, and the right to be loved and cared for.

A church of great values like ours should have a high moral standing that the children will emulate, they shouldn’t be concerned or dragged into the polities of the church because it’s only the emerging generation that will suffer it most if things go wrong and the happiness of the child is what really matters. They are gifts that should be recognised and valued; they should be given rights to achieve their God-given potential, the need for unconditional love.

At CNO, we have never been afraid or intimidated to raise our voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people from all walks of life in the church would do same, it would change the church for better…There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world, love of books is the best of all, so let the authority look into this and create a channel that will make them have their own world in terms of Bible lessons and other things.


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5 responses to “Children Service: Some Group Of CCC Members Are Clamouring For This”

  1. omolola Johnson says:

    Hallelujah! If all celestial church of Christ can come together and create children class for our children’s it will be in our own favour and I believe that something good will come out of it. Because even ever I see those children reading in Bible, I’m always proud of them. ONE LOVE CELESTIAL!

  2. Tejumade says:

    Long overdue…urgent needs has to be done to set this up

  3. Bjay says:

    This is what we expected of you alonge and you were writing nasty things about ketu that you belong to….this is a good article coming. God from you. I will personally see to it gets to pastor himself. God bless you for this great task…

  4. Olumide says:

    Am a Sunday school coordinator and teachers many a times the bible lesson is too clumsy to be interprete by this children let there be children department administration in the church admin that look into children case , thanks

  5. Segun says:

    Wow! This is thoughtful of you. Thank you cno

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