Choir Cape: What Is Truly Wrong About This? (Photos)

September 21, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 14 Comments »

many people know this cape

Do we adopt this cape and leave the old ones?

A few days ago, there was a debate on an all-chorister group on whatsapp where the new choir cape worn by the three ladies in the picture were lampooned to have used such fabric for their choir cape. The only difference is that, the old fabric as shown in other photos are totally different from the one worn by three ladies with net but the colour code still the same.

This cape is Recognised by all

This cape is well accepted by all

this is also well known to many choirs

Now, the discussion became tough to the extent that, some nearly called out each other over the issue, the basis of the argument is that, it’s the old fashion fabric that we should follow and not the new invention by some set of Celestial Church choirs.

Dear choir members, we all know that the world then is not the world now, so many innovations, so many new things have cropped up, do we now put our eyes off any side talks concerning the choir cape and just continue wearing whatever we are comfortable with at the choir stall? Since people don’t want to adhere strictly to lay down rules and recommendations, we need to know which one is right or wrong.

What’s your own view concerning the two choir cape? Kindly leave a comment.

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14 responses to “Choir Cape: What Is Truly Wrong About This? (Photos)”

  1. Mummy Scholar says:

    This is ridiculous…. You should we put on what baba oshoffa lay down for us,most people are now wiser than the founder,Baba joko sinu tempili…….the old one is the best not this demonic cape and garments.

  2. iyiola fasuyi says:

    when we talk about innovations we have to know and come to the consciousness of the fact that not every innovation can fit into christiandom which Celestial church of christ is not left out. the negative influence of this new cape material will not go far before it start showing itself where some people wont think twice before using the material for garment. Moreover, since the Church does not give room for stripe or patterned white material as garment therefore the newly material used by those three ladies are not meant for Celestial Church Of Christ members/ Choirs

  3. Anuoluwa says:

    I don’t know what this world is turning to, Jehovah will not allow you people to spoil is temple, to say the fact I prefer the old cape than the rubbish white and green cape they are putting on and if they know that they want to continue there nonsense fashions, they better go to other churches to complete their satanic mission

  4. L/d kola bakare says:

    Celestial is 70th yet you people. Don’t want to leave your evil,,, baba joko ninu temple. omawo ohun awa omore see, please let’s turn back to God

  5. samuel says:

    old is spiritual not satanic fashion

  6. Frederick Adesanoye says:

    Our spiritual attires, be it sultana, waist loins, choir capes, etc,etc, have all gone through changes in the name of modernity instead of spirituality & the church is fast becoming a huge “catwalk” so to speak. Spiritual inspired apparels do not fade. They stand the test of time and beyond. Celestial Church of Christ is a spiritual church, pure & simple. Our attires are spiritually inspired to the extent that evil forces cannot penetrate a sultana wearer. Methinks our quest for modernity (afe aiye) instead of spirituality, is the root cause of our numerous problems.

    • Adeniyi says:

      Wow I love your comment God of Oshoffa increase u in knowledge I will support we still maintain our old cape God is great…..

    • P. K. O says:

      I was going to leave a comment here, but reading yours just made me feel good. You have said it all well. He who have hears, let them hear. If they think the world is going modern with the crazy ways introduced by satan which they call modernization, tell them to go spiritual.

  7. OLUSEYI says:

    God bless you Bunmi, you have said it all, but in addition, cape is not to be worn on top of any other ileke, it should be on only white suttana.
    Also, cape is 2 angle “straight” at d back (neck) not round. God bless us

  8. Prophet Bumie Adesina says:

    The celestial choir cape is sky blue with sun yellow triangle necked and sun yellow tapped elliptical shaped cloth which should be treated with extremist respect you must kneel when and if wearing, you must not use it to wipe your face and it’s not for cleaning anything and it must be kept clean all d time.
    We were made to understand that the triangle represents the trinity, the sky blue represents the spirit of LOVE………
    And the yellow taped elliptical represent so the WORD……
    (Ilera baba, omo ATI EMI mimo ninu ife si araye)
    God bless_________________🎹
    You must go down on ur kneel when putting it on and when taking it off ILEKE ni, just like the evangelist blue and yellow cross bar______________
    No tribulation or any challenges can trouble any OMO AKORIN because of their ILEKE, which will call Cape, ILEKE in yoruba. Lingua Means ZENITH orPEAK and nothing can BORI OMO AKORIN o ti LEKE already,
    But too bad many don’t know and that is why some individual are given message to join EGBE AKORIN due to many spiritual challenges, just for d sole reason of putting on that ILEKE
    Aso nla ni
    To all choristers generally in celestial church ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Taiwo says:

    Is that cape or net. Mba not acceptable at all. If you don’t want to wear cape leave the sultana like that

  10. princess Radex says:

    2 me I prefer d old cape it’s more decent compare 2 dat lace cape(d transparent lace cape does nt speak well of d choristers)

  11. Dammy says:

    The old cape is what every choir should always put on. We shoudnt go into different fabrics.

  12. Soskol Olorunloba says:

    The choir cape worn by the three ladies does not conform with our celestial standard. There are truly many fabrics these days however, the colour code MUST be strictly adhered to. D colour at the edge of our cape MUST BE YELLOW confirmed……Soskol 1

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