The Church And Prophecy: Sure, The Devil Is Now In The Altar

November 13, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. “ Matthew 7 :15

Different churches all around the world with different pattern of prophecies, attentions are mostly focused on the White Garment churches because they are really gifted with this word called Prophecy. But the truth is that every church has its own style of Prophesying.

The issue now is not about the style they use but the Prophecies some prophets are giving out to members and people. Are they really genuine and are those words from the Holy Spirit or from the Devil?

Many Homes have been broken, shattered and turned into hell because of some wrong and false messages. For instance a prophet giving a message to a woman looking for the fruit of the womb that she would need to stand naked before the prophet and the prophet would have to help her touch some things in her private part … If the woman’s husband should hear or see that, is the marriage not over? Or a prophet giving message to someone that the person must leave his/her home then come to live with the prophet or else something bad will happen. What should we say about that?

It’s just a pity that some people cannot really differentiate between the Holy Spirit of God and prophesy being reeled out from canal mind. And sometimes, some overwhelming situations of some members or people have made them wrongly fall into the hands of these false prophets. They become prey and they are being hunted for.

As a Church of God, we need to hold the pillar of God firmly and rely on the Word. Also we should be in spirit always. Because the rate at which the Devil is penetrating the church through some slack prophets is alarming. This silly act is affecting the church, the homes and the happiness of the people who are affected.

If you are not careful of some Spiritual messages you receive, you will be moved away from being a Christian to an Idol worshipper with some Spiritual works they will ask you to do. Gradually you find yourself in the dark realm.

Don’t be surprised to see some prophets tying charms around waist, using horn to speak, licking dark powder and when they give messages people fall for it.

God help the church! We need revival! Church of God, we need to wake up and pray! We are at the war front now, the Devil is already wearing tailored clothes, wearing garments and is in service with the members, singing with the choristers, sitting at the altar and voicing through the prophets.

Satani di Amure

Satani di Amure

Isegun kan kosi fun Esu

Isegun kan kosi fun Esu..

Dear Friends, beware of The messages you receive from prophets, before acting on it, review it, fast and Pray about it. Seek God in His holiness to know if it is from him. Seek advice from the true men of God, Not those who have rubbed themselves with the dirt and lust after money. And to the Prophets, beware of fornication, adultery and love for worldly things so that the Devil will not make you his vessel. God has chosen you, chose the truth path and be strong in the Lord.

May the true spirit of God abide always with us!

-Liz Ebony Angel

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