Clergy Marrying More Than One Wife: Bro Gbolahan Jaiyeola Replies VMSE Osazuwa

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In a counter reaction concerning the stand of Venerable Most Senior Evangelist Ephraim Osazuwa on polygamy topic as posted on #cno, another intelligent son of the church, Brother Temitope Gbolahan Jaiyeola said the submission of VMSE Osazuwa is not substantiated enough and shouldn’t be used as yardstick for our shepherds to indulge in the act of polygamy.

He said, “Job had just one wife despite how rich he was. He disciplined himself (Job 31:1), hence was able manage his heart desires. Even after his travails, he still stocked to that woman. David had wives and concubines, but failed to discipline his heart in the Bathsheba case. When Joseph was still single, he disciplined himself in the case of the wife of Potiphar. And when he married, he married just one woman.

Marriage was instituted by God and not man (Europeans or Africans or Asian) and going by God’s institution of marriage in Gen 2:24, it is very clear, what God had in mind. The various perversions of marriage (polygamy, polyandry, same sex marriage, bestiality-marriage to animals etc) all came into the human race (in different dimensions, relative to tribe and culture) based on the fall of man in the Garden Eden.

But now that Christ Jesus has come to restore man back to perfection in God, God’s original mindset should prevail. Marriage goes beyond having sex with woman or just procreating. It demands responsibility (physical, spiritual and psychological), faithfulness, trust and dedication and other elements of love.

Marriage is not a solution to lust or fornication or adultery or any order forms of sexual immorality. Salvation is the solution to them. A man can have 100 wives and still mess around! If a man’s heart yells for 2,3,4,5…women, then, such needs salvation and heart discipline. Some clergy men have one wife while others have two or more wives and both categories still sleep around with their church members. Both have the same problem.

Accumulation of women is not a solution to sexual immorality! Men in CCC (both clergy and laity) should learn discipline in the Lord.”

This is beautiful and we have decided to headline it to gain global attention.

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4 responses to “Clergy Marrying More Than One Wife: Bro Gbolahan Jaiyeola Replies VMSE Osazuwa”

  1. Charlie's says:

    Ds is,a,,serious. Isues,,affecting,,,more, celestial ,it ,can, never b, eradicated,, may, God, forgive us, for our wrong ,doing

  2. ,,x says:

    Ds is,a,,serious.

  3. Jaiyeola T.G. says:

    God is the all knowing. And we in CCC have a lot to learn from him on marriage. I highlight a few. They are extracts


    Polygamy came in as a result of the fall of man. The originator of marriage made just one woman for Adam. The failure or weakness of a woman in any respect does not authorize a man to multiply wives. The fact that Eve was deceived by the devil and not Adam did not make God create another woman for Adam .

    The 1st polygamist was lamech (Gen 4:19).

    For kings in Israel, God COMMANDED them not to multiply wives… See Deu 17:17.

    God definitely had reasons for admonishing kings in the law dispensation not to accumulate wives (of course, David and Solomon went against this instruction and it backfired!). What was the reason? The ‘HEART CONTROL=THAT HIS HEART TURN NOT AWAY’. He wanted the kings of Israel to concentrate maximally with optimum focus on their administrative duties, responsibilities and spiritual service. I think clergies in CCC need to learn from this.

    David and Solomon struggled to control their hearts against women, this was because the perfection of man was yet to come (because Jesus was yet to come). Hence, God never held it against the patriarchs as a sin because they were weak (Adamic nature). A similar argument goes for divorce.

    When Jesus came, he perfected all things and took us back to the garden. Hence, any believer under the new covenant who engage in polygamy or teacher is doing so under ignorance and as a result of the lack of the understanding of the mystery of marriage.

    Listen to Paul….

    Eph 5:32 This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

    Here, Paul is revealing to us that there is a mystical link between physical marriage (man and woman) and spiritual marriage (Jesus and church). It is Jesus and the church , *not churches* and so man (not men) and woman (not women).

    For ministers in the early church, because many had engaged in polygamy while in Judaism , Paul (in God’s wisdom) conmamnded monogamy for intending ministers…

    1Ti 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of onewife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

    As a son of God , common spiritual sense teaches monogamy. We must be careful not to make our culture and traditions to take us captive in the things of God, Jesus and Paul warned us in this respect (Mark 7:13, Col 2:8).

    Polygamy is a weakness of the heart of man in greed for women and tantamount to idolatry .

    Many shepherds today regret their actions on polygamy. Only the sincere ones will confess and advice a single person not to engage in it.

    Polygamy is an act of the sinful nature (works of the flesh)… There is difference between sin and acts of the sinful nature. Acts of the sinful nature are fruits of sinful nature. Acts of sinful nature are numerous and uncountable… Listen to Paul..Gal 5:19-21. Note the phrase *and such like* in verse 21. This tells us that acts of sinful nature are inexhaustible…

    Among all planets in the universe, only the earth has just one satellite called the moon. Mercury and Venus have none. Mars has 2, Jupiter has 67, Saturn 62, Uranus 27, Neptune 14.

    We live on earth. Marriage on earth is comparable with the solar system (sun , moon and earth).
    Even if the word of life is so difficult to understand, the work of creation is there to learn from.
    When you are a real polygamist, you belong to another planet… Not the earth. This is why you see humanly unimaginable experiences.

    You can’t talk about marriage without talking about monogamy or polygamy because marriage has a structure (just like CCC has a structure; tenets, doctrines, order of service etc). It was 1st instituted in the garden of Eden (Gen 2:24). Marriage was not instituted under the law. No! It was instituted before the dispensation of the law. Before sin came in through the fall of man. When sin came in, it got perverted (just like worship got perverted, leading to idolatry) . Part of the perversion is polygamy. Others are : gay, lesbianism, same marriage , beastism etc. Hence, we can’t use the personal experiences of some men or men of God (e.g. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Papa Oshoffa, Baba Bada etc) to set up the doctrine of God on marriage. Instead, we go to the beginning!

    Unfortunately, some of our prophets and prophetesses in CCC have ignorantly broken homes and marital relationships through their misinterpretation of dreams and visions, simply because, they base their counseling on human experiences and not on God’s word.


    Some of our prophets and shepherds in CCC are not saved. They are only using gifts and the grace of CCC for ministerial duties. Unfortunately for them, survival of the working of the soul and body against temptation requires salvation which some of them lack . Thus, they are directly exposed to good looking ladies and woman (few with evil intent ). But they have no excuse. Their fellow counterparts in other church h are surviving. Many of them lack discipline.

    Even the Prof of polygamy, Solomon advised people …

    Ecc 9:9 Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which he hath given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy portion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun

    Prov 5:18-20.

    In fact, most polygamists go from adultery into polygamy. That is, they would have started the extra marital affairs with another woman before bringing her in. In fact, most of them use polygamy to cover up their adulterous acts. Many of them sleep in the secret with these girls or women. When pregnancy surfaces up, they surreptitiously portray it as 2nd wife… Or try to abort for the lady. There are numerous cases of such involving high ranking clergy in CCC.

    Man created polygamy out of weakness of the heart.

    When Jesus came, he reiterated God’s original plan. Listen to Jesus in Matt 19:4-6.

    Jesus even elaborated more with verse 6.

    Now, tell me, if God joins man A and woman B, and the same God wants to join woman C to man A, will he (God) not need to put B and A to asunder? Will God contradict himself?

    God permitted polygamy under the old order because the law could not perfect them. This is the new order! We are in the dispensation of grace. CCC was descended with the voice Luli… Which means ‘grace of Jesus’ and his grace is sufficient for us…

    Can we be demonstrating imperfection and claim we have been perfected in Christ Jesus..
    Can be in sin and say grace should abide…

    If the present administration of CCC want a better future for the youths (male and female) and for the marriage institution for the church at large, the church authority needs to enlighten the clergy and laity and putting up marital policies for both with proper enforcement.

    It is what the clergy have as a life style or are taught during their training they end up teaching/preaching and implementing in working service at their stations.

    It is what most laity (except for a few who personally receive teachings from God) hear and see being practiced they adopt as life style.

    Personally, I expect the church authority to have come out (more than 10 to 15 years ago) with a policy that men (women) in CCC (both clergy and laity) should not marry more than one partner. This should be complemented with regular marriage seminars, symposiums, lectures and counseling unit at local parishes.

    The pastor can set a target year E.g. 2018 to put up the policy.Of course, leave those presently with multiple partners ( but they must not acquire more again!) and make sure you do not appoint those with more than one partner subsequently.

    CONCLUSION: Marriage does run on ANOINTING. It runs on LOVE and DISCIPLINE. Hence, an anointed man/woman can get his or her marriage messed up, while ordinary church goer can get it right based on love and discipline. Various parts of the world have their challenges in marriage; for Africa, it’s traditionally polygamy, for Europe and America, it’s single parenting, divorce, seperation, same sex marriage. Sin operates in different patterns for different places.

  4. VMSEnn.......... says:

    Certainly, I do not have the monopoly of wisdom on the issue of polygamy, but I dare say who would have trusted God more than Abraham? That he did not wait for God’s promise through Sarah, did that make less trustworthy? In the case of David, God even questioned why David did NOT ask for more rather than violate another man’s wife. The question is not whether polygamy is better than monogamy and vice versa, but the content of individual character. Polygamy does NOT promote immorality in my view, but tend to solve some moral issues you raised in your earlier comment. There are those who are financially well-off who can afford to be polygamist without being unfaithful or immoral, but then, you have the monogamist whose conduct leaves a lot to be desired in terms of morality. This issue is purely academic for me, especially, when people tend to run down anything Africa.

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