Concerning What To Eat Or Not, Only This Papa Oshoffa Said We Shouldn’t Eat

November 3, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 5 Comments »

Sometimes when I go out for evangelism, I always hear some parish secretaries during the announcement saying that members of CCC should not eat this and that. I always double check the constitution to see where they get many of these things they make pronouncement of.

Well, one of the videos of the late sage, SBJ Oshoffa where he specifically said that Pork is the only thing God warned every member of the church against, is in circulation. Only Pork meat that is forbidden for us.

These days, a lot of people are always coming up with personal messages giving to them by the prophets concerning what to eat and not and put it on the generality of the church, some will also go as far as saying Okro or ewedu is forbidden for members of the church, all these are not true. I implore every member of the church to get a copy of the church’s constitution so as to be equipped with  these things that some Shepherds/Secretaries are not knowledgeable about.

May God help us all!


Please watch the video and get wisdom.

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5 responses to “Concerning What To Eat Or Not, Only This Papa Oshoffa Said We Shouldn’t Eat”

  1. M/C Okunbor says:

    Oh ! Well. We hear all sorts. No eating of okro, ewedu, specific type of vegetables, for those that eat snails n snakes this is totally forbidden. No eating of beef only the insides. I.e. ifun, roundabout, shaki, abodi etc. Are these not part of the beef. Atimes i wonder where all these revelations come from. Do enlighten me pls.

  2. Ade says:

    Read and understand the constitution before misleading CCC members with your half-known fact, Mr. Alonge.

  3. H/S/E BOLAREWAJU says:

    Only the pork meat, bt can eat any other things, bt not the things offered for sacrifice.

  4. Samuel Ayodele williams says:

    Apart from pork we should not eat things offered for sacrifice it in the constitution.

    • Prophet Moses Omomimo says:

      the poster is right most sheperds and prophet are misleading people, I agree with the fact that the constitution states that we should not eat anything offer as sacrifice bur let me ask, do they offer okro as sacrifice
      in some parishes they forbid prophets from eating okro they claim that it weakens spirit, which is a lie bcox am a prophet and God didn’t tell me not to eat okra soup

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