Our Constitution Does Not Make Provision For How A Pastor Should Emerge- Wolie Bumie Adesina

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THIS CERTIFICATE is liable to cancellation should the objects or the rules of the body as set out in the annexes hereto be changed without the previous consent in writing of the Governor General or should the body at any time permit or condone any divergence from or breach of such objects and rules.


the 29th day of March, 1980 and duly executed for and on behalf of CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST, NIGERIA DIOCESE (hereinafter referred to as “THE CHURCH”) by persons whose names are set out in the first Schedule to this Deed having been authorised to do so by the Reverend Pastor Prophet Founder in whom resides the authority of the Church.

WHEREAS the Church has its National (Diocesan) Headquarters at 12/15 Church Street, Makoko, Yaba, Lagos State and the world-wide International Headquarters of Celestial Church of Christ is at Mission House, Ketu, Lagos State.

you will agree with me base on what you are reading here that Celestial Church of Christ worldwide does not have constitution, Taking things legally will made the church vulnerableĀ  to lawsuits. The constitution needs to be revisited.

The court woks with facts, and evidences. Our constitution does not make any provision for or how to have a Pastor. Going through the present constitution, there is no communication privilege assigned or attached to any position or the church in the constitution.

So all those perpetrating their wills in disbursing or orchestrating by wearing whatever robes they like are doing it because there is no law telling them not to do it.

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3 responses to “Our Constitution Does Not Make Provision For How A Pastor Should Emerge- Wolie Bumie Adesina”

  1. Evang.Ezekiel Adegor says:

    Fellow Celestial, Why is our constitution a big issue now? Because we have all grown beyond the control of the Holy Spirit which wrote that constitution and our motives in CCC is now greed, lust, power and control. When everybody was rushing to CCC, did you ask to see the constitution before salvation? But today, we have thrown salvation and soul harvesting for God’s kingdom away and started perpetuating our wicked agenda.
    If we understood that the constitution was written to allow every member appreciate and thirst for the presence of God constantly to abide with us just like it abided with Pastor/Founder so that we can also achieve greater things through the Holy Spirit. It is not a rules based constitution, it is a constitution to lead people into the Love, Power and Glory of God and to make every celestial realise Jesus can work through us just like he did with Past. Founder. Constitution will be upgraded but first embrace Jesus, the author of the constitution because all those things written in that book are Christ signs and wonders that defined CCC, the same reason all of us remain in CCC not the law or the books. If not for that constitution, CCC would have less than 1% of its population.

  2. Prohetess Francisca Emmanuel says:

    Let it be known and we be constantly reminded that CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST as at today October 4th 2017 HAS NO CONSTITUTION. The truth is bitter but must be told. The Blue Book (acclaimed constitution) is a STORY BOOK and it is for NIGERIA DIOCESE. There needs to be a Universally Accepted Constitution which will guide the entire sipiritual franchise of CELESTIAL.. Let the erudite svhars in the corridors of power spring into action to formulate a proper constitution taking into conderation, Unity in Diversity according to the International Franchise Treaty

    • juliana sunday says:

      it gud nd there must be permanent constitution dat all celestians must abide in
      as also rules nd regulation

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