Crisis Hits Royal Parish Ado Ekiti As Patron Allegedly Takes Over Power From Shepherd

October 21, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 8 Comments »

We are not in anyway using this platform to spread negativity about the church but to bring our consciousness into some things we members of this great church might have left undone. Some youths of CCC Royal Parish, Ado Ekiti, are obviously not in support of the situation of things at their Parish as you are reading this. The Parish named after the King of Ado Ekiti, Oba Adeyemo Aladesanmi Adejuyigbe 3 founded on the 16th of March 2003 is said to be swimming in trouble waters.

According to report we gathered from the youths of the church, the Ewi of Ado Ekiti visits the Parish occasionally and supports the church financially. Kabiyesi is the Grand patron, his brother, Prince Bayo Sunday Adejugbe is the Life Patron.

Ever since the beginning of the Parish, the parochial committee, as #CNO gathered, was set up for the church, in this order, S/V/M/S/E GEORGE EKOJIKOKO as the parochial chairman while S/V/M/S/E AKINOLA ABON ESQ was the vice chairman. Around 2011 the chairman left the church, when he was asked why, we learnt, he said the never liked how they were running the affair of the Parish. According to him, the Patron, Bayo Adejugbe has always seen the church as his own property and not for the entire members. Most time they call him Baba to ni Jo e, and he responds cheerfully.

An SMS message from another youth of the church revealed that a lot of shepherds have been transferred to the church, and most of them left with one issue or the other with the said patron. But for the Oba, he sees the running of a church as a community service which authority must come from the shepherd in support of the parochial committee members.

“The Oba has always said it that the church belongs to God and not to him and anybody but the Patron sees the church has his own, where he does anything he likes and expects no questions or query from anyone” a Youth whispered to us.

This acts of the Patron, we gathered, also led to the exit of the chairman, George Ekojikoko, he was said to have relocated to Akure where he attends CCC OMOALADE ALAFIA.

Hear what another youth member said, the chairman left the Parish in 2009, and even before he left, it’s the vice-chairman, S/V/M/S/E Akinola Avon ESQ, that has been ruling because the chairman, Ekojikoko, was a director at NNPC, and he was not always around before retired from NNPC.

When he was the Chairman, he was always updated about things and everything they do must pass through Baba Ijo and everybody in the church are like slaves. A lot of shepherds have been transferred to the Parish, most of them left with tears because they were never given any autonomy by Bayo Adejuyigbe.

Names of Shepherds who came and had bitter experience listed below:

1 Sup. Evang. Isaiah Idowu Adebeeko, he spent 6 years. He’s at present Shepherd of Emanuel Cathedral in Owo. This is his no 0803 4xxx8764, he is on WhatsApp and Facebook, he left the church with tears due to the habit of the elders and mostly the baba ijo, Bayo adejugbe’s many silly acts.

2 Sup. Evang. Eleboda, he spent 4 years and he’s the present Province Head of Kano now, he was chased out like a dog by the supporters of Bayo Adejuyigbe.

3 Sup. Evang. Gabriel I. Lawal popularly called J.J Lawal, didn’t complete two years before he decided that he wanted to leave because of the frustrations he encountered. He was being transferred to Ibeju Lekki in Lagos before being transferred  to Omoalade Alafia, Special District, Bariga, Lagos. The Shepherd of Ibeju Lekki , Sup. Evang. Elvis Debo Olaniyan was brought to Royal Parish where he’s till date. As I speak they are on try to transfer him too and he has just spent a year and a few months.

#CNO put a call to JJ Lawal and he said him leaving that church was designed for a purpose. That if God had not made him go through what he went through there, he wouldn’t have been where God has placed him today.

The patron has been the God of the Parish, he chases anybody out of the parish at will, arrange the transfer of any shepherd who doesn’t comply with his instructions. He sees himself as the Alpha and Omega.  And from what #CNO heard, the patron has no spiritual and official authority in the Parish, he is only chosen to support the Parish financially but he has turned himself into demi-god.

We were also informed that, on 18th of December, 2016, the shepherd dissolved the present committee that has existed for 14 years. The matter became a very serious one to the extent that the Oba, got wind of and called a meeting of the elders.

“When they got there, the shepherd report the elder about the manner in which they were running the affairs of the Parish as personal business. The King who had previously received a petition from the Youth of the Parish, ordered that since the shepherd is the spiritual head of every Parish and the pastor representatives, that the act of dissolving was valid. The shepherd announced the care-takers committee for three months. During the three months, calmness returned to the Parish, the chairman left the Parish to build his own, Orisunmibare Parish.

The parish was peaceful, the youths’ coordinator then, Elder Damilola Eniola, emerged the church secretary, the three month elapsed in April, and the interim committee was dissolved according to the judgement of the Oba so as to conduct proper election in the church for the new committee.

In May the election was conducted, the 3-month committee was re-elected, As follows

SMSE Bolaji – Chairman

MC Yemi Afolabi – vice chairman 1

Bro. Ogunsesin -Vice chairman 2

S/S/L  Damilola Eniola – Secretary

Cape Elder Adebowale – Assistant Secretary 1

Assistant Leader Gbenga Ajayi – Assistant Secretary 2

MC Agnes Ayeni  – Treasurer

MC Abegunde – Assistant Treasurer 1

M/C Famuyibo Funmi – Assistant Treasurer 2

Cape Elder Wale – Chairman Onibode

S/S/L Ajaja Segun – Youth President

Senior Leader Rasaki Ojo – Building Chairman

Senior Evangelist Sesan Ayeni – Choir Master

Superior Woleader Talabi – Chairman Prophet and Prophetess and others.

The Parish was peaceful after 14 years from the colonists. The juvenile harvest was successfully hosted.

The adult harvest was done, On the 8 of October this year, before the Adult Harvest, The Baba Ijo (patron) Bayo Adejuyigbe, started his problem again, frustrating everybody.”

We gathered, the parochial chairman that he must be the one to be receiving alert of the Parish’s account, and must be informed of goings about the Parish as Patron.

Hear another youth’s complaint, “the program laid down for the harvest, he made sure he cancelled most of it. There was no program from Monday to Saturday, The youth program that was supposed to happen on Wednesday, he canceled it, and the youth had spent a lot of money in preparing for it. Right now, he is trying to cancel the youth in the church.

His intentions are, if the shepherd was transferred without dissolving the youth; that will be too hard for him to do. So please CNO help us send this to the authority to come to our aides o…We are the future of the church, we don’t want any man to come dissolve the beautiful plans we already have for the church. Thanks editor.

All effort to reach Prince Bayo was futile as we couldn’t get his contact details. Message to Baba Ekojikoko on her facebook was yet to be read before we went to Press.

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8 responses to “Crisis Hits Royal Parish Ado Ekiti As Patron Allegedly Takes Over Power From Shepherd”

  1. suppy says:

    Most church elders today, see them self as lord over the Shepherd. But kabiyesi get it right as Shepherd is the God representative,spiritual leader etc.

  2. Akossou Severin says:

    Eleboda is at CCC Zaira 1 not Kano 1

  3. alex olugboyega says:

    The enemy of the church shall link the dust.

  4. Morakinyo Oluwaseun says:

    I think a drastic step has to be made as soon as possible, the slavery is becoming enormous in royal parish in which I have witnessed personally. Ijo mimo koni baje o.

  5. Concern member. says:

    The constitution of the church was never promulgated to attract efficient management. The constitution is bias, confusing with language used. Until we have a constitution well written with legal languages, there will always be pandemonium in every parishes.

  6. Owoyemi says:

    That’s true, may God come to the aid of the church

  7. Sup evang olapade says:

    The second sherphard name mention sup evang eleboda is presently station is in Zaria provincial head quarter not Kano province, God will take care of his church

  8. ProhetFrancis Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for this information, Mr Editor #CNO#
    This is typical of what operates in most parishes . It is a fundamental management issue – Separation of Powers. I will hereby take this as a CASE STUDY for analysis
    Churches of God belongs to God and all authorities should and must emanate from Him or His representatives
    The Shepherd is responsible for the overall caretaking of humanities in the church. His assignnent is to give affirmative instructions in ensuring that all ‘sheep’ – members are happily tutored and directed in the ways of God according to His commandments along the doctrines of the denominations. Jesus Christ was NEVER PROVIDING anything physical personally to look after the multitude but always asking from the disciples (Parochial Committee).
    The Parochial Committee is mainly for the management and provision of all that the shepherd may need for the execution of his assignment to humanities. They are to ensure the building environment and spiritual materials needed for effective activities.
    Patron / Matron on their own basically is for nothing but financing. They are to provide funds to cover any shortfall, should there be need for it.

    On this particular parish, the Ewi of AdoEkiti, who according to the above case study had prompted said the right thing – Authorities of the Shepherd (as representatives of God appointed by the authorities of the Pastor and Founder) superceed all others. However, effecting the decision of Ewi is clumsy because of the blood relationship with the Life Patron. In my opinion, Ewi of Ado Ekiti should act in line with his conscience as if this Life Patron happens to be somebody else. He should remember that his authority on the community and residents is unquestionable.
    Secondly, the church authority Ketu, should stand up to proper management and enforcement of authority.
    Ai kuku joye, o san ju enu mi o ka ilu

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