You Don’t Need Perfume Or Turari To Descend Prophetic Spirits…All You Need Is…

December 20, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 3 Comments »

Young prophet in the church, Moses Omomimo said CCC members really do not need perfume or Incense to descend the Holy Spirit of God in our midst, we we need is to be holy for the Holy Spirit to perfect its work.

Here is his submission, “I posted something today and I said perfume and Turari which of them can descend spirit, some people were commenting Turari others said perfume, some said both. I am not saying that you are wrong, but those things don’t descend spirit they are meant to strengthen spirit.

i was at a programme at Warri in Delta state parish 1 some years back and there was this lady that claims to be a prophetess, anytime the shepherd or prophet starts spraying perfume she will start shaking and if they are not spraying she won’t shake, which is very bad, because she believes that the perfume is the power that descend the spirit but far from it.

Acts 1:8 it says “But ye shall receive power, and after that the Holy Ghost will come upon you] it didn’t say you are going to receive the power through perfume or incense. And it reads further, “and ye shall be witnesses unto me, in Jerusalem, in Judea and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Here Christ is saying that you are going to prophecy to the ends of the earth.

Bible was written in Greek before it was translated to English, in the Greek Bible that word ‘Power’ is called Dunamis not power, now in English language there is a word in physics called a dynamo it comes from the Greek word Dunamis. it is a type of machine you made to work mechanically like a generator, and when it starts it produces electrical power, this electrical power can give you light and it can make your fans work, so this Dunamis that Christ said he would give you can make you speak in tongue. It can give you power of prophecy and it can also give you power to translate dreams etc..

Now, there is something about this dynamo, as it is working it takes some of the electricity and it converts it to cause that mechanical power to go on, so that it can produce electrical power again, it keeps on doing this so that it can keep running. What this simply means is that, it does not need help from anywhere, so when Jesus said you shall receive Dunamis he meant that you shall receive inherited power, that is, power that is independent of any other power. It doesn’t need help of perfume or Turari or egg or Holy water.

in the time of Jesus after He was given the Holy Spirit when he was baptized and He received power, he never prayed for power until during his trial time, His death….during prophet service, you will hear some shepherd saying put yourself in the spirit, most people think that is when the perfume touch you or the incense then you will be in spirit, as a prophet or prophetess, dreamer, visioner, or someone that possess any of the gift of the Holy Spirit, you don’t need those things to make put you in spirit because the spirit is always there, you just have to bring it out, and that’s what the perfume and Turari do for you.

They boost your spirit out not descending them, and those that think that if you keep on drinking perfumes like Miss Paris will make you open mouth to prophesize you are wasting your time, perfume consist of alcohol and it’s dangerous to engage in it. The best ways to go about it is through prayer and fasting and ask God for Dunamis then you can possess any gift you want.

You can ask questions and you can also drop your opinion here!

I remain your servant in Christ Prophet Moses Omomimo”

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3 responses to “You Don’t Need Perfume Or Turari To Descend Prophetic Spirits…All You Need Is…”

  1. Oloruntoyin says:

    I am highly impressed that A Youth in CCC wrote this beautiful article.
    There are only two types of Spirit, the Holy Spirit and the demonic spirit. I have read the Constitution several times and also listened to the Pastor Founder before his demise, neither the constitution nor Papa said before the Holy Spirit comes on you the incense or perfume must be sprinkled. These two items are part of our worship and they must be used when appropriate. As a Celestial whether a Prophet or not, when you worship God with Joy and in Holiness the Holy Spirit which already resides in you will be provoked into action.

  2. ccc moutain of bashan says:

    spiritual worship songs gives me inspiration it puts me in spirit

  3. Sup Evng Ade. says:

    Let me correct the poster of this article. May the Lord continue to strengthen you IJN… First I want you to know that there are different kind of spirit and individuals. Some people dont give way for the spirit but once the turari or perfume is been sprinkled on them, they will have no option left. We all have various ways of entering the spirit so do not use use to compare other people. There are different kind of spirits and they manifests differently.

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