These Dudes Are Calling Our Attention To The Trio Of Cape, Tape And Shape

November 5, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

Jaiyeola Temitope Gbolahan

Myk Tola Adele

The function of the Cape is to ‘Shape’ the lives of people with the Word of God and by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Remember, there is a ‘ Heavenly Tape’ that will be used to measure all your works. Likewise there is a recording Tape that records all your works and deeds. You are to lead people to ‘Apex’ which is to God with Agape Love where your stand (Shape) before Him would be displayed in a 3D screen monitor.

-Cape Elder Brother

In his usual manner, one of the Biblically and mathematically sound minds we have in the church, Bro Jaiyeola Temitope Gbolahan theologically analysed the meaning of the cape as C in Christ etc.


Cape = C +ape =Christ +ape.

“A natural man is like a spiritual ape, but only Christ (C) through the cross (+) can bring about a spiritual change (new birth).

This is a pointer to the spiritual significance of the ape family animal (monkey) which SBJO saw among the revelations concerning CCC. God was telling him, ‘A time is coming when some members will portray the Adamic nature (ape character) i.e. animalistic human behavior’ if the needful is not done.

Tape = T +ape =Teach +ape. A natural man is like a spiritual ape, but only through the TEACHINGS (T) by the cross (+) can bring about a spiritual change of transformation (new birth).

From what the writer of the original post said …

‘’Cape is to ‘Shape’ the lives of people with the Word of God and by the Power of the Holy Spirit.’’

It can be inferred that a Celestial Church member is not spiritually qualified to put on a ‘cape’ rank if he/she can’t ‘shape’ the lives of fellow men through the teaching (taping) of the word of life.

Observe that the cape ranks come along with the use of loin accordingly. The loin represents the belt of truth (i.e. the word of truth). This again confirms the close tie among ‘cape’, ‘tape’, and ‘shape’. The cape ranks are spiritually loaded considering the other spiritual significance of cape with lace alongside loin with 3 crosses and fringes.

God bless your spirit MoG for calling our attention to trio of cape’, tape and shape. When a life is shapeless, shamelessness is inevitable.”

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