Our Duty As Celestial Church Of Christ To The Society (Photos)

December 21, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 14 Comments »

#CNO was not given detailed briefing of the outing aside that the 70th Anniversary Committee, basking in the euphoria of the successful hosting of the Platinum Jubilee, decided to fete the poor and these food items were arranged for the SOS children. As we gathered, this is the second batch in two weeks.

There are so many wars around the world. There are so many issues affecting our country. The church cannot control them. Prayers may fail to put them to a strop because God already ordained them.

But we, as the largest African Instituted white garment church, CCC, we have a duty to perform. Our duty is not to judge other denominations as written in our constitution. Our duty as Celestial Church is not to figure out if one church is bigger or mightier or richer than us. Our duty as Celestial Church of Christ is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting because we know we have the poor, the needy and the hungry in the society, these people exist in every corner of our environments and we can actually support them no matter how small it is.

How many of us know that at the end of our journey in life, we’ll not be judged by how many members we have or how many numbers of parishes we have planted. We are not going to be judged by how much money our church made. We are obviously not going to be judged by how many great things we have done.

We will be judged by, “I was hungry and you gave me to eat, I was naked and you clothed me, I was homeless and you took me in’.

May God bless the souls that initiated this idea. Amen!

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14 responses to “ Our Duty As Celestial Church Of Christ To The Society (Photos)”

  1. Jacob Adebayo says:

    Mission Adande and other children of Satan existed since the days of Nehemiah. Thank God you know it was an International Construction company of repute that built it. For your information, contract is signed and it is legally binding before they mobilize to site, hence what you said is from your satanic imagination. Winning Team of EMF is moving on.

  2. mission Adande says:

    The rush at catherdral building is a concern and such structures should be of major concern to be subjected to test. The contractors that started it refused to continue base on many issues and he left which promted the roofing for local contractors. Where are the white men on the roof? It was abandone

  3. Tayo says:

    Lucy tnx,pls what did they give that we will not hear word on social media, how many homeless did they give home,widows did they give home ,let them go and do research well so if they wasn’t to copy they copy well,let me come and go jare

  4. Lucy Omo Emi says:

    i hope the rush dey applied in finishing the basilica wont make it collapse o. Structures like that are not built in a rush. Just saying my own ni o. Olujo Mimo a gbe wa o. Amin

  5. S.B. says:

    let peace and love rule in our church pls. i am for apollo or paul should be abolished.

  6. Vickie Obah says:

    it’s a good step…this will build the image of the church but i really don’t see stories like this on social media, i think you need to employ more hands to your media department so that the church can grow. we abroad are sick and tired of rubbish of our people on social media, if we can have stories like this, we will not be ashamed of identifying with the church, My husband is not always welcoming the idea of me going to Celestial Church because of dirty acts of the members and of course, what he reads on social media. London is worse though but more stories like this will reshape the battered image. Thanks CNO for this write up.

  7. jandor Nwajei says:

    Thanks for not ignoring this people. But i think it’s good too to take care of those who are within this fold. You are doing it because other churches are doing it. have you forgotten that other churches have solid plans for their members and not the way you do things here? You dont spoil the house for a journey because when you return from journey you come back to the house.

  8. Ayo Aribisala says:

    If you want to feed the poor, feed the poor but the moment you put it on social media, you are feeding your ego, your committee should go and get some sense into their head.

  9. Prince says:

    Pius is God chosen in this church, it’s obvious God actually brought him to come and disgrace Evang Jorothom who thinks he’s all in all. Pius’s largest money in the basilica building can not be mentioned, he never make noise about it. Eni Olorun fe o se farawe o !

  10. The Winning Team says:

    the truth be told, this new building committee deserves an award, this is what joro-Sade and their team couldnt achieve for more than 10 years, and just under a year, they achieved it. it dis not enough evidence that it’s not how rich or mighty one is but how well God is using such person. if na be joro and sade, i will kuku leave cele go join K&S. because dis na monumental disgrace o. one year, the basilica came up whereas joro had all the money alone to build it. Thanks to ogunremi, Adebutu and the one and only jagaban of ccc worldwide, Dr. Chief Pius Olarewaju, the winning team

  11. MC Theodora Clark-Adebajo (Ijesha) says:

    the progress of dis church is for all of us. only our pastor can not do it alone. we have to rally round and support him. alonge, you need to change you style of writing and concentrate on building than destroy, though lately, i have seen that you have changed…just continue like that, i know God will remember you at the appointed time.

  12. Adebayo Lawal says:

    The glory of ccc is 1. our church has woken up from plumber. It’s obvious God of Celestial purposely planted emf oshoffa to take the church to the next level. Everything will soon fall into place, it’s step by step. May God help us.

  13. Evang. Badejo says:

    This is very good. Best article to read on this site. Keep it up guy. You see, like i always tell me people that you are one of the good asset in the church and using your platform to bring down the church will not help your growth. God needs you to support the leaders to take it to the top. Oluwa a ma fun e se, Amin

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