Evangelising? No! All I See Are Titles Like The Military And Fancy Attires Like Stage Actors- Andrew Adeniji

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In an article, ‘Reformation Began With Translation’, Sup. Evang, Andrew Adeniji, Shepherd at Holy Trinity Parish, North Dallas, Texas and Vice President at Chase Bank, USA, said that the core area of concentration of the church, CCC has been left behind and all he sees are some titles lime military men and attires like stage actors. I think he’s right and the earlier we embrace teaching the true word of God in our homes, environment and parishes, then we can change our world.

“In On the Truth of Sacred Scripture, Wycliffe called for the Bible to be translated into English. According to Roman Catholic law, translating the Bible into a vulgar, common language was a heresy punishable by death. It is almost impossible to imagine why a church would want to keep God’s word from people, unless that church wanted to hold power over the people. Wycliffe was more convinced of the power of the word of God than the power wielded by the papal office. Consequently, he and a group of colleagues committed themselves to making the word of God available.

Not only did the Bible need to be translated; it also had to be copied and distributed. This was before the printing press (invented in 1440), so copies had to be made painstakingly by hand. Despite the challenges, hundreds of the Bibles were produced and distributed to Wycliffe’s troop of pastors, who preached across England as the word of God made its way to the people. Wycliffe’s followers came to be called Lollards. They were enclaves of reform not only in England, but across Europe.

These efforts in translating, copying, and proclaiming the Bible in English were driven by a singular motive, expressed by Wycliffe this way: “It helps Christian men to study the Gospel in that tongue which they know best.” In his final years, Wycliffe endured falling out of favor with the church and nobility in England. Of course, he had long ago fallen out of favor with the pope. Yet, Wycliffe declared, “I am ready to defend my convictions even unto death.” He remained convinced of the authority and centrality of Scripture and devoted to his life’s calling to help Christians study the Bible. Having suffered two strokes, John Wycliffe died on December 30, 1384.

My question is this, if this truly the last ship of salvation; why are we not evangelizing the word to the world?

All I see are titles like the military and fancy attires like stage actors. Instead of fighting to save souls we are busy fighting each other.

And while many are using spiritual wickedness to harm God’s children; most members just kept quiet. FACT, everyone holding hands with Satan and those standing idle watching are going to HELL unless God did not create us in His Image.”

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3 responses to “Evangelising? No! All I See Are Titles Like The Military And Fancy Attires Like Stage Actors- Andrew Adeniji”

  1. Concern member. says:

    Honestly, I commend CNO for this article, but the purpose must be directed to a corrective measure where by it will be objective ideas. My own opinion is that we should come together to reason on how we must have a unbiased laws to regulate the affairs of our people as God did to Moses for Israel. I have no objection to everybody yearning for whatever as long it follows the rule.

  2. Evang.Ezekiel Adegor says:

    Totally agree with this article. So, if we must achieve our true purpose, we must equalise all titles to make them meaningless to the people wearing them and concentrate on showcasing through our lives Jesus Christ our saviour and owner of this CCC vessel of salvation. In fact, CCC is ONLY about evangelism and harvesting souls. If ordinances, titles etc does not aid harvest of souls for Christ, just get rid of them now.

  3. Derin Olufemi says:

    I completely agree with this article. The vision of the CCC has slowly evolved over the years from the original mission given to Papa Oschofa to evangelize the world and bring people to Christ, to amassing wealth and fighting over titles and positions. As of the last count we now have about 14 self declared Pastors of this fold ???
    If anybody in the church would notice, there are now tens or hundreds of new positions in the church, which were not created by the Founder. All these has been done to appease people and acquire more money for the people in charge.
    This is a highly untenable position. A situation whereby anyone with the necessary funds can virtually get any title they want does not speak well of the governance or the administration of the church. Added to this is the near absence of the teaching of the Word of God in many parishes, the uncontrolled proliferation of parishes (many of whom do not have more than 10 members), the high level of immorality and fornication going on in many parishes etc.etc.
    I could go on and on… We need to all go into a period of fasting and repentance ( 2 Chronicless 7: 14) for these sins and those of our forefathers, asking God to have mercy upon us and return once again to the church as He did in 1947 !!
    No longer should we continue to live on the past glories of the Founder, but re-light the flames of evangelism ourselves and continue where the Pastor Founder had left off !!
    All ye Celestial worldwide, are you going to answer the clarion call to take up the Torch of evangelism left by the Pastor Founder and keep running with it till you reach the finishing line ?? Or are you going to rest on your oars living in the past and on past glory ??
    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15) and take up the Torch of evangelism….how about you ?

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