Factions In Celestial Church Of Christ: They Are All Suffering From Same Disease

October 5, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 2 Comments »

Reflection on divisions and factions in Celestial Church, this is what every member of this church must know.

“Reflecting about the fraction of factions that is rocking the church presently, one would see that it’s a case of kettle calling pot black.

These divisions have not done any good to the church but rather more problem and unending issues. Yet we advocate for one as superior than the other rather than settle the minor difference. Look at the factions clearly, they are similar same Celestial Church, same people.

Celestial has gotten to a stage we need not to advocate for one faction as the best because they all have left the church in this present condition. They do not view the consequences and impact of these actions on the church. Clearly we are seeing the dramatist of these factions, the lovers of themselves, the lovers of the church, the lovers of power, money and fame. It’s simply kettle calling pot black…. They are all the same.

Each one seems to be right in its own eyes and holds unto that as doing the right thing, not considering the consequences of their actions on the church. What benefit has faction brought to the church? This faction has eaten deep into every part of the church causing separation, disunity and hatred.

The Founder of the church, CCC, Saint S.B.J Oshoffa warned us that we do not degenerate into the evils that are befallen other churches. I am for Paul, you are for Apollo. Both are one in Christ.  Rather than be an advocate of one stupid, useless faction, I will proudly love my Celestial Church brethren anywhere as one. This faction is that Wall of Jericho that is blocking the mission of this church and it is the greatest instrument devil is using to disturb the church.

Faction is that stupid divide that is rocking the unity of the church…this Faction is that thing that separated brothers that were once united. Where vision is lost, there is bound to be division. The devil has come into our midst without us noticing it and has spread tares among us.

He has tapped into our insensitivity and used division as a medium. When has Ketu decided to listen to Diocese? Or Diocese people come in terms with Ketu?

The enemies of this church keep benefiting from this division. I hate it each time I hear segmentation in this church. I’m a confirmed Celestian, take it or leave it! There is one language that can unite us-Love. Love doesn’t care who is who. Love is beyond all these factions we have garmented ourselves with.

Our problem is at 70 years of Celestial Church of Christ, we have refused to tolerate and accommodate each other. Which of these factions with its argument has created the true Celestial Church as it was during the days of S.B.J Oshoffa. They are all suffering from same disease. Yet they haven’t come to realize that it isn’t helping them or anyone or the church.  If it’s not Celestial Church of Christ, it can never be Celestial Church

Ijo mimo nla Kan ni. This is what defines it all. Celestial is one. We are one big family. Celestial Church of Christ.

-Myk Tola Adele

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2 responses to “Factions In Celestial Church Of Christ: They Are All Suffering From Same Disease”

  1. greatakins says:

    pride and ego have blocked their spiritual eyes. They will never hear. they have putting their personal agenda above that of xst the owner of the church.

  2. Lekan Otudeko says:

    God bless you CNO. Tola good work. Keep it up

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