Frankly Speaking, Is This Kind Of Style Appropriate For Our Women In CCC?

November 1, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 5 Comments »

This is now trendy among the new Celestial Church of Christ, CCC generation. Hardly can you see our youth with freely sown sutana, it has to be tightly fitted thereby bringing out their whole body structure, both male and female. 

Is this kind of Sutana fits for the house of God? Or is this constitutionally authourised? Do you think Papa will be rejoicing over this in heaven? How do you want other denominations to describe us concerning some of our anomalies that have turned us to laughing stock in the comity of churches?

Is this what the next generation is going to inherit from us? Please lets amend our ways. So that the eternal crown God promised us in Hymn 694 vs 3 ( last two stanzas) can be ours.


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5 responses to “Frankly Speaking, Is This Kind Of Style Appropriate For Our Women In CCC?”

  1. Adlas says:

    Honestly its an issue of great concern…it has nothing to do with lack of money to buy enough or the tailors that sew the sultana but its of attitude, bad fashion n indiscipline. If in all Parishes, it is condemned all females will do what is right but for reasons best known to most sherperds they look else where n encourages bad attitudes to prevail….May the Lord help us all.

  2. Sup/Snr/Ldr Ojeleye says:

    Igba ironu de, yara siye ainipekun, oko ikehin tide kristi npe elese

  3. tosin says:

    garment is not the only issue we are having in this church,what of the musical concert that we are told not to do ,but the so called big churches are doing it.we can only do the right thing from the top and others follows

  4. Evang. Steven Brown says:

    Why do we like to judge without duly considering all factors.

    Have we thought that maybe the sister does not have sufficient money to buy the amount of yards needed?

    Have we thought that maybe it’s the tailor who made a miscalculation in the measurements?

    Even if she wants it like that, she did not sew it herself.

    If a tailor sewed it, are they a business or are they a Celestial authorised and approved tailor. If they are a business of their own, do they have to give account to anyone?

    Point your fingers of blame when it should be pointed and consider all factors before coming to a conclusion.

    Left to me, Ketu and the leadership are to be blamed for lack of foresight and their lack of process in ensuring that only trained and approved tailors are allowed to sew.


    nipa ise won ni ao fi mo won,nipa iwa won ni ao da won lejo

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