Garden Of Eden: A Galaxy Of Love Many Homes Never Experienced

December 20, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »

Like the Moon (husband) revolves round the earth (wife) as it absorbs light (love) from the sun (God) while the earth (wife) revolves round the sun (God), so did Man-Woman-God relate in the Garden of Eden.

In ancient times honeymoon referred to the time of year when bee honey was ripe and cured to be harvested from hives or from the wild which made it the sweetest time of the year.

Have you ever heard of a couple going on Honey-Sun (Hot-Sun)? I only hear of Honeymoon. Why? Naturally, the moon is humanly habitable than the sun.

In the Garden of Eden, God visited Adam and Eve in the cool of the day.

When the moon shows in the night to give us light, it’s often cool…

Gen 3:8 “And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day…”

Then, it was all about Adam, Eve and God interacting in love.

So it is expected of a husband, wife and God in marriage. Our homes must be the galaxy of love.

But when the serpent caught the attention of Eve and Adam, things went the other way.

Whenever there is an Annular or Solar Eclipse, the impact of the solar system on those on a particular part of the earth changes, but, the solar system itself is not altered or affected.

Whenever there is an impact/change in your marriage system, there must be an Eclipse causing it. Even though the marriage structure remains, trace the Eclipse and remove it! But if delayed, an honeymoon could become a Hot-Sun!

During the honeymoon in the Garden of Eden, it was just only Adam, Eve and God. But when it was the hot-Sun, there was an additional party; the serpent, while Adam and Eve gave excuses, the serpent never gave an excuse.

Watch out for marital disagreeing factors that can’t speak.

Be on the look out!

– Bro Jaiyeola Gbolahan

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