Governing Body For CCC Worldwide: How?

November 17, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 3 Comments »

With God, they say, nothing is impossible. We at #CNO quite agree with this ancient maxim but what we are really not going to subscribe to is that, God will do for a man what a man supposed to do for himself. Jehovah has given us everything we need to be what we want to be, the only thing He will have to ask after our journey in this sinful world is how we have spent that thing He instills in us.

So, when one of the active members of this church on social media, Evang. Opudu Godsglory sent this online, we are pushed into making it an article and to ask the generality of this church how this can be made possible.

“I believe it’s time for all the pastors of Celestial Church of Christ to form a group and chose a Chairman that will govern the church as ruler for 2 years and will have an option for re-election.

It will be difficult to have one Pastor heading the church, since every Pastor in different countries have register the the church as a company in their countries. Even some parishes within have registered some parts of the church logo using different name to defraud people.

We really need this governing body that will manage the indiscipline of Shepherds, Prophets, Choirs and members; it has gotten to an embarrassing level.

Once a shepherd commits any offence and you try to discipline him, he quickly decamps to the next pastor or stand-alone like a politician or footballer on transfer market looking for a pastor to buy him with the next rank.

We need this governing body to help control the problem of anointment and establishing of parishes

Please I beg all the pastor of CCC worldwide to come together and form this union or group just to save the image of our church.

The chairmanship will be rotated every 2 or 4 years until the Holy Spirit chooses for us

God bless you all

My name is Brother Godsglory”

Adopting this will totally mean that the church is no longer under the instruction of the Owner, Jehovah. And not adopting it means that, the church will continue to swim in trouble waters just as being witnessed here and there.

Do you think it’s a mission to be realised? Kindly leave a word!

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3 responses to “Governing Body For CCC Worldwide: How?”

  1. Prophet Tony from South-East province says:

    My name is Prophet Tony.
    Fervent prayer is what we Celestians need at this point in time.
    To me, too many cooks spoil the broth.
    Did Baba S b J appoint any pastor before his demise?
    Let us borrow a leave from some penticostals, when they establish churches in different localities, do they appoint different G Os?
    Let’s allow the Holy Spirit do its work

  2. ijo Mimo says:

    It doesn’t make any sense to me.its the same level of corruption you will experience by putting all this self acclaimed pastors together if not more. why and how do we have so many of them in the first place?who make them a pastor………I SMH. CCC only have a source and that’s our home. If you truly want to make any good impact come back home. Let fight the holy fight among ourselves and have a better understanding at the end of the day. You can’t be an agent of confusion by making yourself a pastor and claim to love the church. Ilekan o le yapa sirare stop all this fake pastors up and down.

  3. Hoyedolapo says:

    All we need to do is ask the holy spirit who our leader is and he will reveal it

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