This Happened To Harvest Chairperson Days After Buying Two Cows For Church

December 5, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 3 Comments »

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To the man or woman who tries hard in working for Him, God always lends a helping hand. When some people are called to play a role in the vineyard of God, they really don’t see it as an opportunity for them to be blessed. Many see it as a way of wasting money or spending unnecessary money that may not yield any interest to them.

But little do people know that, banking in God’s financial institution, one thing is sure, the bank will never be liquidated neither will your money not be paid back without full interest. God will always make things happen in the lives of the people who are willing to work with and for Him. When God sees you doing something in His vineyard, developing what He has given you, the principle is very clear, He will do His part and open doors that no man can shut.

This woman was called to be the chairperson of her Parish somewhere in Port-Harcourt, she had been married for 12 years without any issue, and the husband divorced her to marry another woman due to pressure from his mum. As a matter of fact, the woman (name withheld) confessed she tried to live a perfect lifestyle to an extent while in the university unlike some of her mates who lived wild and are all married with children enjoying blissful marital lives.

After her active involvement in the harvest of that year, she managed to buy two cows because the little crowd in the church was not really doing too fantastic business-wise. About three days after harvest, during the Wednesday morning service, she had a dream that she was in the midst of white people surrounded by children.

Weeks after that vision, a white man from Paris was divinely directed to that church on an evangelical mission, she sighted this woman and something ingratiated him to her, there was a chemistry sort of, she talked to the Shepherd about her, and the white man was told about her marital ordeals. The white man, however, insisted that she would like her to be his woman and before one could say Jack Robinson, a relationship, as we were informed, ensured between them.

Months after, she went with the white man to Paris in France, after necessary marital knot being tied. Today, they are blessed with three children within seven years of their union.

Now who is that man or woman who says it’s already late for you, I pray today that, your dry bones shall rise again! Amen!!!


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3 responses to “This Happened To Harvest Chairperson Days After Buying Two Cows For Church”

  1. Olusegun Balogun says:

    The power of God in CCC is real tap into the power

  2. Jaiyeola T.G. says:


  3. omolola Johnson says:

    Amen! God of celestial will surely perform his wonders in my life too because I believe in his power…

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