He Hit The Dead Man With His Cap, His Soul Restored….Celestial Is A Great Church!

January 6, 2018 / Deborah Solaja / On The Spot / 2 Comments »

Read this and see how God used the man whose work in CCC has remained laudable as said by one of his son, Snr. Evang. Olatosho Oshoffa.

Sometimes during the lifetime of my Father SBJ Oshoffa as the Prophet Pastor and Founder of CCC.
He was residing in His Quarters at Moshood Street. Ikosi. Ketu. Lagos.
On that Fateful Day, Papa as he was fondly referred and called , went out on his normal Sunday touring of Parishes.
While absent, there was a particular woli or prophet who entered a Kabukabu ( a private Lagos taxi) from Ketu Bus Stop. The Man was to stop at the popular Cele Bus stop.

Before getting to his last stop, the said man had given up the Ghost. The driver of the cab noticed it but since he was on Sutana, the Driver decided to take him to the Popular Moshood Street where Papa and most Elders of the Church were residing.

As usual on getting there , people gathered around the Corpse which was left in the cab. Sooner than later, one of the Elders ( name withheld) of CCC came back from Church , he noticed the crowd, the situation on ground was explained to him, he decided to pray but the Corpse remained cold………no sign of life.

A few minutes later , Papa Oshoffa came back from Church and noticed a larger crowd on the Street.
He alighted from his car and as expected people rushed to Papa to tell him about the situation on ground.
Papa Oshoffa moved to the car where the Corpse was, looked at the dead man then asked for his name. People didn’t know of course.

Papa then asked that his name be cross-checked from the Bible the dead man was holding before he passed on.
His name was given ( assuming Jacob).

Papa then removed his personal cap from his head, then moved closer to the corpse and commanded as follow: ‘ Jacob, iwo emere lasan lasan, dide dide in your yoruba language …..meaning Jacob, you useless disturbing ghost, get up.. get up) while commanding, Papa was hitting the corpse’s head with His cap 3 times, the dead man came to life and started murmuring ‘ where am I? Where am I?’ He was trying to come out of the car by himself, Papa said they should hold him until he regained full conscientiousness.


That was SBJ Oshoffa, the Man full of Miracles in the Name of Jesus Christ.
These Miracles still exist in CCC, I wonder why Sheperds/ prophets or members of our dear Church CCC go after other gods to seek for extra powers to perform Miracles.

God of CCC is watching and He will surely cleanse His Church which was purposely sent to cleanse the World.
People may laugh at me….and wonder if the Promises of God on CCC are still intact….YES.
God’s Promises on CCC have Not changed.
His Words and Promises to SBJ Oshoffa are STILL unchangeable.
God bless CCC
God bless every CCC Member Home.
God bless every Soul that believes in the Miracles of God in the Life of SBJ Oshoffa.”

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    The power in CCC is powerful God is powerful

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