Herbalist Said He Saw Me Clothed In White Garment…Days Later, I Returned To CCC

November 8, 2017 / Alonge Michael / My Testimony / 2 Comments »

For those who are not parishioners at CCC Ikorodu Parish 2, Evang. Amos Oketayo’s name might not ring a bell; but for those who know him too well, he’s one man who has taken it upon himself to preach the gospel of Christ till His kingdom comes. His reason for taking these evangelical steps is because he has gone far and wide but he’s yet to see a church as perfect in doctrine as Celestial Church of Christ. Alleluia!

He was a sermoner in one of the Parishes in Lagos where #CNO went to worship where he revealed some shocking secrets about himself, a member of the church, who was a Lagos State magistrate and of course, his visit to a herbalist home when he decided to bid CCC goodbye.

Hear him, “Years back, I was tired of the way things were in the church, this was when I moved from RCCG to join the church, in my quest for wisdom, knowledge and wealth, I came across a herbalist and I told him I wanted to know the future. On putting down his Ifa cowries, he said he saw me robed in white apparel, I initially though he was referring to the Orunmila apparel, and I asked him if it was about Orunmila’s and he said No! He said the one he saw me clothed with is as white as snow and that I was carrying a Bible and preaching about one son of God.

I was mesmerized! I was like, these Celestial people, how many years have I spent with you that you have even made an Ifa priest with his Opele to see me with you? I didn’t know that God, the changer of change, was behind it all, he opened the  real spiritual/inner eyes of an herbalist to see me in a place I should actually be. He confused him and spoke through him via his Ifa cowries.

Without wasting time, I returned to the church, and today, I am Snr. Evangelist as you can see, preaching the word to the world till the end of the world. Amen!”

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2 responses to “Herbalist Said He Saw Me Clothed In White Garment…Days Later, I Returned To CCC”

  1. Emem says:

    Merciful Jehovah……
    Perfect God of Celestial

  2. Ola says:

    Great God,Great church

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