Holy Celestial Church Links With S.B.J.O…Worships On Saturdays, Wednesdays (Photos)

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A fresh group of religious gathering has emerged from Celestial Church of Christ. They are called Holy Celestial Church. The church which has branches in London, New York, Paris etc has shared nomenclature with the popular Celestial Church of Christ as they claim that the late founder of CCC, Pastor, Prophet Founder Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa was the man that God used to bring the Church of Celestial Christianity to the world in 1947. The church’s official website states so.

The founder and shepherd of the Holy Celestial Church is Prophet Allo also known as Jacob DeGagnoa, is a native of Côte d’Ivoire. He lives in the United States of America, city of Tampa, state of Florida.

Their modus operandi, garments and of course tenets, might be different judging from what has been displayed on their website. The Holy Celestial Church, as seen on their site, is out to evangelise the second coming of Christ to the global audience, just as the original CCC people do too only that their parishes strictly opens for service on Saturdays and Wednesdays alone.

Some extracts from Their Mode Of Worship

When searching for a congregation (Parish) of the Church of Celestial Christianity, one must look for the following characteristics:

The Devotional Worship Masses of the Church of Celestial Christianity are held every Saturday from Twelve (12) noon to Three (3) in the Afternoon at most because the church is under the leadership of the host of Michael.

The Olivine Sanctuary of the church holds two open sessions of the Holy Rosary every Wednesday (9 AM-12 PM and 6 PM -9 PM).

All members of the church are required to worship God dressed in white robes (Cassocks) and without shoes when standing on holy grounds (or sites).

Gays, lesbians and same sex unions are not welcome in the Church of Celestial Christianity for Adam was formed first, and then Eve as the missing rib of him.

No Crucifixes (or images of Jesus) are allowed in the worship places that belong to the Church of Celestial Christianity, except the statues of Saint Olive and the images obtained from the Olive Covenant (Cross, Seal and Hosha Passover).

Some of their Mission Statement:

To Bring the children of Abraham back to God of Islam who shall be known as Yoroba or God of Muslim-Christians.

For the church of Celestial Christianity to fulfill her divine mission, she is to put all descendants of Abraham under one (1) Faith (Celestial Christianity), one (1) Grace (Olive Covenant) and one (1) Mercy (the Lord Yoroba).

What do you think about this? Leave constructive and logical comments please.

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Photos Credit: holycelestialchurch.com

10 responses to “Holy Celestial Church Links With S.B.J.O…Worships On Saturdays, Wednesdays (Photos)”

  1. Ldr. Idris Giwa says:

    They claim its inspired and not founded by Late Rev S.B.J Oshoffa. I don’t see any falsehood in that. The rest are to be judged by GOD & not man. We should be happy of such a glorious man inspiring other churches and not be fanatics here.

  2. LDR. OLORUNTOBA says:

    The worshippers should be carefull and look further to God Almighty: Celestial is an ordinane church from Heven through SBJ. OSHOFFA. and it has not and never change

  3. Benjamen says:

    This is serious o!

  4. Ibitoye Gafar says:

    Olasakin Olarewaju, how dare you call them that name? So, the one you are doing is holy right? Do you know even its yours that is condemned and not theirs? Go and start asking for forgives of sin. Islam and Christianity are same.

  5. TT M.A.N. says:

    You Cele pipu disav wat u are getn now. Wen ur hands are full with blood and all kinds of sins, God will take the kingdom and give it to aNoda person. Chikena!

    • Alagba says:

      Why condemn a church because of display of falsehood? Taking something from d owner and giving it to pretenders then ascribing that to God
      TT surprised me with ur limit of knowledge. Anything happens now because people don’t search before taking a step

  6. Bayo Ladega says:

    Can’t believe I can see clearly? Saturday and Sunday? God of Islam? Yoroba? Hey fake man of God, go and do something else. Don’t stick with us, you are definitely not part of the real Omo Cele

    • Oluwasakin Olanrewaju says:

      All I see is a set of confused people. Our God is not an author of confusion. Mixing Judaism with Islam with Catholic practices. May they not reach heaven before they discover the delusion they have put themselves into.

  7. Angel says:

    What the he’ll is this? Where are you from? Mtchee, you better return to the church and stop this nonsense you are doing, you can not have glory like the original Celestial Church of Christ. Ask those who left to bear other names, they become so useless

  8. Acada says:

    This is nonsense. Why outing oshoffa’s name in your issue. Bear your Holy Celestial Church and not Celestial Church of Christ. You are already condemned

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