How Prepared Are We For The Harvest Of This World?

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Once it’s time for harvest, you will see Celestians running here and there to make sure things are in order. Some will even go to the extent of borrowing money from cooperative, just to impress their guests, the shepherd and also to be distinguished among other members of their parish on that same day.

They basically want to take the lead in every happenings on the harvest day, from the brand of Sutana they wear, to the designer wristwatches and jewelries, buying of Bazaars, some kinds of personalities they invite, spraying of money on the dance floor and so on and so forth. 

How excellent would it have been if this is the way we prepare for the Harvest of the earth! When God Almighty will separate the wheat from the tares. Examine yourself thoroughly, are you fit to be called a wheat? Who are the tares? What distinguishes the wheat from the tares? Do yo have any attitude or character that separates the wheat from the tares?

Some Celestians and Christians at large believe that it is not yet time for the harvest of the earth and at such, they think they still have time to amend their ways, but the Bible says in John 4: 35-36 “You say, ‘Four months more, and then it will be harvest time’. But look at the fields! They are ripe harvest now. Those who  gather the crops are already getting paid. They are already harvest harvesting the crop of eternal life. So those who plant and those who plant and those who gather can now be glad together.”

Revelation 14: 15-16 “Then another Angel came out of the temple. He called in a loud voice to those sitting on the cloud. ” Take your blade, ” he said. “Cut the grain. The time has come. The earth is ready to be harvested. ” What is your preparation so far brethren in Christ?

As Celestians we must glorify God Almighty in our acts and deeds. When you invite guests for harvest, do they find a Church where Jesus Christ is the Ultimate,  where an atmosphere to give glory and adoration to God is in existence? Once they find this, they will also return their hearts to God. This is the harvest God wants.


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