I Rejected The Offer To Be Pastor, But They Insisted! – Rev. EMF Oshoffa

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In an interview with Punch Newspapers recently, Head of Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide, Rev. Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa opened up that he vehemently rejected the offer of him being the pastor of the church when he was called upon.

The Punch reporter asked if he rejected the offer when they told him about him being the Pastor of the church and below is his reaction:

“Of course! When they came and told me, I rejected vehemently! I said, ‘No! No!’  I told them to leave me alone. They told me to come to Imeko (Ogun State). Imeko is like our Jerusalem. It is a sacred city. I had just got to Benin Republic. I came with Afrik Air from France. During transit, my luggage was misplaced. I had nothing on me when I got to Benin. I was just wearing a white robe. So when somebody came and said I should follow them to Imeko, I refused. I told them I didn’t know who they were. They told me I shouldn’t worry. They said there was no way I would reject. I told them I didn’t have anything on me, they insisted I follow them and I did. Even in France, remember I told you we had just three parishes when Baba Bada came. As at the time they were telling me to come to Imeko, we had over 15 parishes. The people in France said I wasn’t going to leave them. Back in 2002, there were crises here; so many of our parishes refused to be under Ketu diocese. But it has changed now. More than 85 per cent of all our parishes have come back to be under the Ketu diocese.”

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17 responses to “I Rejected The Offer To Be Pastor, But They Insisted! – Rev. EMF Oshoffa”

  1. GreatAkins says:

    The work of God is progressing.

  2. Ayo Mission says:

    No voice is heard divinely by him as to confirm if truly God chosen him? Now una Don dey expose una selves. Baba Oshin. Late Adefeso, Late Ogunlesi and Banjo signed his Appointment letter to that effect. Let Baba Oshin or Baba Banjo Deny this Openly on Media or Press that they never issue Appointment letter to him EMF. Now the Man had expose started exposing them. Hr needs to be monitored by competent media department before granting such interview. Go to goggle, Celestial is known to be a church in Crisis. What a Shame?

  3. ayo says:

    @ Osagie…dont quote Rev EMF…Olorun mo awon ti re…So as ur Pastor too..Rev Beni

  4. Elmorijah St. says:

    CNO there you goes again ALONGE hmmnn.

  5. prince says:

    Gradually d truth is coming out.
    So he was hand pick at Benin republic.

  6. prince says:


  7. Prophet Segun. says:

    lf that’s the case you’re not supposed to be on that throne,because Papa Oshofa said it clearly that the Pastor shall be chosen by the directive of the holy spirit,though it wasn’t your fault but the then board of trustees.

  8. Mission says:

    I have never seen any thoroughly called or chosen leader that will not firstly reject the call it has nothing to do who the caller is, there are biblical example on this, you can ask from the vice president of Nigeria about this so the way we look and address issues at times baffle me,so because the elders of the church went to inform him about what God has in plan for him now means he was not called by God hummm am just sorry for the way we reason why not make ur research about truly called men of God what there story or encounter was yet God use them we have hardened criminal yet God use them, egbe je fun Ori the end shd justify the means

    • Oladipo says:

      God bless u sir.
      Atimes our fast and rash ways to judge, criticize and condemn makes me reconsider the ratio between sheeps and rams in the fold.
      May God guide us tru the right paths of righteousness (amen)

  9. Olufunmi says:

    When it is time I will definitely talk, let them bring the letter of my revelation to Celestial.Our pastor is in Ajah eti okun. Die loku as he always says Oluwa yio fimihan laipe. He told me i received a message from a young shepherd that I should not go to Papa burial which I obliged but on the day Papa was buried exactly that time i fell in the church premises and fainted for some minutes, that was why I couldn’t go for anointment since his death because he warned me not to that whoever lay hands on me for anointment will die. I want to speak out now enough is enough. Lord it is time.Quote me anywhere i am ready if they are ready for the change.

    • Dan says:

      Keep quiet and stop talking rubbish. If u don’t know wot to say keep quiet.

    • Akinsola damilare says:

      You guys should stop infantile politicking here.You are bashing the man because you are getting some pecuniary benefits from his opponents.No matter how hard you try to disprove his submissions.The truth is that under him a lot of hitherto disgruntled elements have come back to Ketu,and the only two substantive faction in CCC today are Ketu and Ajase every other ones can’t even find their feet

  10. Olufunmi ibk says:

    It is obvious as I have been saying all this while, The man revealed to me in my dream came to imeko for the anniversary, Baba oshin too have sent some press men to interview the man in question, according to the press they told him his name and address was revealed to them by prophecy . Quote me anywhere jare. Baba Oshin knows more than anyone..

  11. Badero says:

    Sorry cno where us the full interview? We need to see where other errors are committed ir where he has said it well.

  12. Adeboye A says:

    Is it that this church does not have handlers, competent people that can prepare the pastor for such media interview? It’s expected of the media aid to be present and correct the man where necessary. That submission of him being asked to come without Divine intervention calls for questioning. No wonder the church has so many people claiming to be pastors. And if I may ask you Mr. Emf, where did you collate your data that gave you 87 % people have returned to Ketu? Do I need to remind you that 50% of those people at Ketu are actually your enemies. Well, the truth will soon reveal itself.

  13. Gbadebo says:

    Osagie you will not kill me,I was about saying the same thing too,but why do we insist now in cele oluwa wi, thus says the lord, why device people,I will say his the people’s choice not that holy spirit picked him,he just said the truth,why are people misleading this church, tomorrow they will say obirin don’t preach,may God forgive you all your workers of iniquity in this church.

  14. Osagie says:

    This is interesting. So it is not that God called you? The people came to call you and you said no and later you agreed when they have offered you the juicy package involved. Se oro niyen?

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