If Being A Celestial Member Makes The World See You As Ungodly…You Tell Them This

December 31, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

My Church; my Pride

My church; my Identity

If being a Celestian makes the world think that am not impressive; for your enlightenment God considers me impressive.

If being a Celestian doesn’t make me attractive to the world; for your enlightenment the heavens finds me attractive.

If wearing a Sutana (Garment) and walking on barefoot makes you think of me as unstylish; for your enlightenment it’s a trend in heaven.

My Church; my Pride

My Church; my Identity

Every time I enter into a Celestial Church of Christ,

I am greatly enchanted by the electrifying experience and sight.

The Candle stand, The Kindled Lights, The Pulpit,

The sweet aroma of Turari (Incense) cascading the air.

The regal presence of its elders

The splendid ubiety of its choir

The stunning splendour of its members both old and young

All Dazzling in their Sutanas, Cassocks, Loins and Capes

As they solemnly execute the liturgical rites of the church

OH! What a spectacle to behold.

My Church; my Pride

My Church; my Identity


The ubiquity of every facet of its liturgy transcends my spirit into a realm where only the most sacred of worship can take one.

Perceiving the aura of God’s ubiquity

My spirit and thoughts are focused to the great brilliance of our heavenly heritage

I’m drenched and lost in the splendour and beauty of all its sacraments

My Church; my Pride

My Church; my Identity

If only the creator would open the eyes of men so that they may behold the effulgence of your glory,

For certain many would realise that Celestial Church of Christ is The Last Boat of Salvation.

I love my Church

I am proud to be a Celestian

Long live C.C.C.

Shared by Oni-Orisan Rotimi
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