Imeko 2017: One Mic, One Stage…How Can We Get There?

November 23, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 1 Comment »

Celestial Jerusalem at Imeko, where millions all over the world gather every Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Christ and be in consociation with one another, should be a pride to each and every member of this great church. With the new face being put into the Basilica, the place should be something of interest to all and sundry.

However, for Prophet Fisayo, as written on his Facebook Wall, something has to be done to the proliferation of stages that constitutes total nuisance in the Holy City.

“I have seen well organized concert in Celestial Church where artistes performed one after the other with meaningful sounds to the members. But it’s such a shame where we have different stands behind each other for our popular artistes singing at the same time (That’s absolutely nonsensical noise). Last year, I saw two popular artistes mounted stage behind each other screening on top of each other voices and people were taken pictures despite the noise ( It was so noisy) Luli Concert proved enough to us we can organize a better platform for our artistes without unwanted and irrational noises. If at 70 years we cannot organize one mic, one stage for our beautiful artistes, then something is wrong somewhere.”

His post generated missed reactions, one Abbey Oluwagbenga David said, “Imeko as our Jerusalem should be a cynosure of all eyes in all ramifications but when it comes to the issues of convocation, it’s a different story entirely. There is a big difference between concert and the pilgrimage /convocation. If only we can allow ourselves to be led in the spirit while we try to caution our artists to be more spiritually inclined then things will augur well. Truth be said, nothing is bad having several artistes mounting different stages to entertain us, but we have far gone off radar-by not acknowledging the Holy Land. Let learn to imbibe and create a worship atmosphere than this “usual” dancing and music madness sinking our ship already with no chances of survival”

I wish we could get it right this time. To build our church to that desired state, we all must put our differences aside and join hands for the advancement of the church. We all must embrace unity, love and peace so that it can be well with us.


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One response to “Imeko 2017: One Mic, One Stage…How Can We Get There?”

  1. Mc Aboki Jesu says:

    Nice world of advice.

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