Imeko 2017 Xmas Convocation: Against All Odds, The Good Defeats The Bad (Photos)

December 26, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 3 Comments »

A Sight To Behold!

From the inception of Imeko Xmas Convocation, it has become a ritual that something new is always added annually to surpass the previous year. This was evident at the just concluded event as those who came saw and those who saw conquered.

Yes, spiritually, life is a festival and a celebration but at this year’s CCC festival, so many people were completely in awe as they gazed at the sight of the massive temple before them-The CCC Worldwide Headquarters Basilica. With what all eyes saw, it would be understatement to just call it a Basilica, it’s indeed a sight to behold!

Festival Of The Poor

At the heart of the celebration, there were the poor who were all part of the celebration. They were not excluded because it was a celebration of love, moment of sharing which also coincided with the birthday of our Pastor, Rev. EMF Oshoffa, so, the poor were taken care of by collective efforts of some Celestial Church members who gave their widow’s mites to OmoCele Crew to help in disbursing to those who are less privileged amongst us and, of course, the sons and daughters of the soil of Imeko. This is one aspect of the celebration that should be emulated by all because a celebration of this nature must always be a festival of the poor.

Three Bundles Of Joy Were Born

Let’s somebody shout Alleluia! During this annual convocation, God blessed some families with three bundles of joy. One of the members of the Board Of Trustees, Most Sup. Evang. Banjo made the pronouncement during the announcement time at the New Basilica.

The Good Defeats The Bad Against All Odds

A lesson we should all learn about why we are where we are today concerning the state of the Basilica is that, everyday sun rises to give us a message that darkness will always be beaten by light; It’s a sign given to us by God that we should follow the same natural rule and enjoy celebration of the good defeating the bad . For 35 years, Satan, through difference mechanisms had made it impossible for the church to complete the project but today, the reverse is the case. May Jehovah be praised.

Partners In Progress

Seeing the gigantic edifice before them, hundreds of Celestial Church members who stormed Imeko this year wanted to be sure if all they have been reading about the project on social media was not fallacy were short of words and many started transferring to the accounts while some issued cheques.  In fact Imeko 2017 was a carnival of sort, there is no carnival left. The entire community became involved in making things happen. I congratulate all partners in this project and the people God used to make it happen. May God bless their homes and colour their lives with joy. Amen

Coming up next is what Sup/Evang. Pius Olarewaju told me about Baba Jorotom concerning the Basilica project…you can’t wait to read it!

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3 responses to “Imeko 2017 Xmas Convocation: Against All Odds, The Good Defeats The Bad (Photos)”

  1. Mike says:

    Congratulations, Mike Alonge. You should know by now it is good to investigate properly before placing pronouncements. Even if our side is wrong, you should still investigate to be sure. However, we all have a responsibility to protect our pastor. Our church is back in town, not just because of the basillica, but other good things like the New Moon TV, the accounting system, the Luli Concert, e.t.c.

  2. Segun Adebanjo says:

    is that traitor of a woman called Mrs. Ladoja? The one with lace prophetess, someone that has no single emi. I pity for those ofmyou who are lying to. sh has no shame like that ronke ogunremi too. BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER

    • Oluwatosin says:

      You are mad Segun Adebanjo, for not seeing any good in this article of alonge but to condemn the elegant woman, madam ladoja, why are you so ugly in mind. we should be celebrating the woman for being part of the people God used to put things right in the church instead you are castigating her. God will punish your generation. omo ale jatitjati. alonge, you don’t expect people like this to come and leave comment on your site.

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