Imeko City No Longer A Home For All As Laid Down By SBJ Oshoffa!

November 23, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 7 Comments »

I was reading one of the posts in a group #CNO belongs to and I was forced into culling the article to make a post on your darling news site,

“One of the Sacrament and Pillars of a True Celestial Church member, laid down by Saint SBJ Oshoffa is being present to worship annually for the Annual Christmas Convocation service which commences on the 20th December to 25th December every year.

Imeko is CCC’s Jerusalem and Holy land whose foundation was laid by the pastor prophet founder himself, Saint SBJ Oshoffa for the congregation and gathering of members of CCC worldwide.

Imeko houses historic facts about CCC, it’s the resting places for the pastor founder and other saints in the church, the carcass of Papa’s vehicle that led to Oshoffa’s death is also exhibited there and many more.

It was the wish of the pastor founder, SBJ Oshoffa that all Celestial Church members congregate at Imeko.

If you have not being to Imeko, you are surely missing something.

You will see the power of God in reality. How a small sleepy town became a ground for worldwide congregation of millions of people from all walks of life. Imeko 2017 is loading.”

Dear brethren, the purpose of bringing Imeko to the fore was to have the gathering of CCC members from all regions in one place.

In the 80s that we were being taken to Imeko, we were exposed to seeing all kinds of races, tongues to mention a few. The place was always filled to the brim year in, year out. Suddenly, things took a new shape when the devil crawled in through fake prophesies, the people of our church no longer trusted themselves anymore, and everybody became a lord to himself.

Imeko of that time cannot be compared to Imeko of now terms of patronage, uniformity and sense of belonging. It’s a revue that we all looked forward to annually. What we have now is an Imeko of fraternity, caucus, Imeko of certain sect, love is no longer watchword, our unity song is no longer ‘Bi Gbogbo Aye Dite Mo wa…, everybody is doing everything haphazardly! What a shame!

It’s not the chandelier, the fittings, the lighting or the beautiful Basilica that will make Imeko to regain its lost glory, Nooo!, it’s the Love that was thrown out of the church that should be brought back. It’s the oneness that was left behind that should be embraced, maybe, God, through this, can set our feet on track!

Ijo Mimo Yio Se Iranwo Fun wa!


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7 responses to “Imeko City No Longer A Home For All As Laid Down By SBJ Oshoffa!”

  1. Tope says:

    Was anybody banned from going to Imeko or did you see it written on the signage that certain people are not welcome? Your journalism has improved, Mr. ALONGE, and I congratulate you for it, but enough of your rant. The legal and recognized authority which controls over 95% of CCC membership is in control in Imeko. You cannot expect them because of the self serving, unreasonable and mischievous unity that you people preach allow what’s improper. Imeko is not by force. God answers prayers everywhere. If you are not comfortable with the laid down authority, I am sure God can still answer your prayers at Eleko beach or wherever, too. God is not a God of confusion. You must obey constituted authority and stop singing unity.

  2. Afolajimi akinsola says:

    No truth any more and word God said we should saying truth according Ephesian 4 verse 25,and john 8verse44 they are lie because there father use to in beginning no single truth in him let say the truth everyone if we are not of the devil .ijo mimo ,e se ododo oju mi wo ise yin like orun

  3. Segun says:

    They have turned it to unholy place. I just go there and pray at ile anu for 25th and 26th u am out of the place. I don’t have time for frivolity

  4. Fafore obarotimi says:

    Halleluiah, certain sect throughly does exist in Imeko. Some Oshoffa family doesn’t know that the church has is for us all. Even the said convocation committe are jot helping matter, some of them believe that that Imeko is for them that no one has the right to come and claim what is not. But these people were not handcuffed when late Maforikan stormed Imeko for Iya Amidu, no one could utter a word…but if it’s someone like shonekan, they can always get their boys to beat him blue black.

  5. Ife Adetoro says:

    CNO has bn doin a fantastik job lately. I think d writers have gone back to school or tutored by their lecturers on hw to go about news publishing

  6. Atunda says:

    Alonge, God will bless you for this. I pleas with everybody to see this site as the mouthpiece of the church. Everything about cno is the truth. Though sometime they make mistakes which I am not happy about but for this write up, it should change a lot of things about CCC and we that worship in it. It’s a food for thought

  7. Concern member. says:

    Celestial Church is bigger than anybody, and the throne of heaven that was descended can never be filthy. Everything you are seeing had been prophesied by Iya Imole at Makoko sometime 1976 in my present. So God is in control, everybody ni ko toju ise re.

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