Imeko: Identify Your Purpose Of Going…Are You Going For Fun? Read This!

December 19, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

We need to ask ourselves the reason for this season. Of what remarkable impact is the Imeko Convocation to your life? Have you experienced any impact since you have been going? I advise you not to just be a following bunch each year. You need to stop going to Imeko in vain and coming back home without a thing of gain. The impact of the Convocation service to the life of the average Celestial Church members is beyond just congregating and returning.

As Christmas is a season of joy, your joy during the Annual Convocation should increase yearly that’s for those who truly want to meet the Lord.

There are people of ulterior purposes than coming for the Convocation. Some use it as an opportunity for business purposes, and marketing their wares which can also be likened to be a part and parcel of it provided the worship is not forgotten.

A particular time some Celestial members utilized the business corner during the 1985 burial of the Saint SBJ Oshoffa, under the churning sun by supplying cold and refreshing drinks for the massive Celestial Church people who troop in from all walks of life. They made great sales of remarkable record.

Identify your purpose of going to Imeko is so important even before you leave your destination..

There was a news that some Shepherds Lodge in hotels, taking members along and perform illicit actions with them all in the purpose of coming to Imeko but God of Celestial Church of Christ is watching all our deeds.

The great avenue of opportunity for business, worship, special prayers, sightseeing and history finding will continue in Imeko. You don’t go to Imeko without an impact and teaching just as you do not go to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem purposeless

The pastor founder recorded that prayers be made at his sepulcher, but we have let uncultured acts turn it to a form of idolatry, with all forms of unspeakable acts, making use of flowers etc. Let’s get back to sense of purpose and the impartation on our lives.

Let the Imeko Convocation be remarkable, Impactful and testimonial in your life.

-Tola Adele

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