Immoral Dressing: Sutana Is Not A Party Wear, It’s For Something Serious- Bada

September 15, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 5 Comments »

John Bada has shed more light into what our garment, Sutana is. He made this known while reacting to the heavy necklace a member of the church put on her neck all in the name of harvest.

“Anything that will distract or take seriousness from God, don’t do it because it will end up in sin against him. We are told and directed what our sutana should look like and it would amount to great sense of irresponsibility to do otherwise. The sutana is not our own is for God to be in his presence and his spirit has directed how it be and no one under any guise or excuse has any reason whatsoever to change it to something else least he or she would invite His wrath on his or her self.

It is not a party wear or for fashion it’s for something serious which is to worship God in humility and not in pride or anything extravagant. There should be great sense of decorum and sense of purpose and responsibility when we approach God. He is quick to anger but merciful but at all costs we do everything to avoid his anger particularly when we are before Him because He will not forgive you. Our Shepherds have a lot of work to do in this direction. May God bless us.”

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5 responses to “Immoral Dressing: Sutana Is Not A Party Wear, It’s For Something Serious- Bada”

  1. adeniyan says:

    brother john i totaly agree with all what u said i have seen a parish where the olusho will be telling the members to do all these so that they will be fine

  2. ABURIME JAMES says:

    May Almighty Jehovah cleanse His church.

  3. Most Snr. Evang.Doherty Oladunjoye. says:

    I support this write up 100%.There are lot of things to address in the Celestial Church generally and Worldwide. The truth remains that no matter how you try to correct or admonish some people, especially the Elders,they tends not to change. The Church had been polluted with adulterated doctrines, contrary to the laid down Constitution and Rules & Tenets. “Gbogbo was ni yoo duro niwaju Oluwa,Atewe ati agba,a o si to jo wa”…….

  4. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I am in total agreement with Sup Ev John Bada. Why adorn the sultana which is meant for appearance before God as a UNIFORM by the rich, poor, great in society. That being so, modesty, sobriety and humility in countenance is what God requires of worshippers in sutana in church. Psalm 51:17 requires a broken and repentant heart when we come to church. Not a proud, vulgar and arrogant display of affluence by individuals who may not have given their best in tithes, collections in church. I do not object to members of CCC showing off Gods blessing in their family get togethers and parties. But not in the church where impressionable and vulnerable souls may become disillusioned
    as to when their prayers will be answered. You do not want to be a stumbling block to the faith of others. After all, one of the reasons people are in our church is because they need not buy a different and latest suit or attire for themselves and their family every Sunday. Oppressors can stay away.
    From time immemorial a crucifix was the only jewelry that should adorn our necks in church. It used to be a silver beaded chain on the crucifix. What is wrong with that? Some of us had a hand held cross too. The church authorities should come out with a Pastoral Proclamation or Order to this effect. The new draft constitution is not yet in use. The Blue Book is largely ignored. A pronouncement from the Pastors Office to the church and his officers in the field is necessary. No more silence!
    When you get home, put on your gold choker, gold bangles and show off to your friends. Not in church. God will be annoyed with any action that makes another falter in their faith and spiritual life to backslide.

    • Sup Evang Lanre Yemitan says:

      Evang Famakinwa, I totally agree with your write up on this matter. In the olden days people only use crucifix on their neck and not all these beads and fake gold that our ladies put on nowadays.

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