Int’l Headquarters Indicted In This Act But It Has To Be A Lie!

November 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 9 Comments »

One of the members of our great church called the attention of #CNO to a misunderstanding between the choir and the harvest committee of a Parish recently. According to the information as sent to us, a Parishioner, a Superior Senior Leader, who, incidentally, is the harvest chairman of the parish led by a highly spiritual man who is said to believe in the calling of Papa Oshoffa and is trying as much as possible to respect the doctrine and tenets of the church as laid down for us all.

This is how the person put it to us, “Dear editor, my dad is the chairman of our church and the church will just be celebrating their 5th year next month. While my dad was deliberating on how to go about the special occasion without bringing anything that may debar the members from getting their blessings for being part of the organizing team, the choir members are seeing the action of the chairman to be primitive and despicable to the choir.

The choir said they have to sing outside shortly after the harvest but my dad said it’s unconstitutional that after harvest the chapter two of the harvest is bazaar sales and after that nothing more. The choirmaster and vocalist who are part of the committee insisted that they must play outside and that even at international Headquarters’ last Harvest, the choristers all put their speakers out and they entertained themselves to melodious tunes. (#CNO didn’t believe this a bit, obviously an alibi to justify their claim.)

Please help us use your medium to ask our leaders if it’s right for choir to mount their speakers outside after the harvest or bazaar sales to entertain people because it’s celebration time so they are permitted to do so.“

This is beyond what we at #CNO could decide hence we are throwing it to our daddies to look into for better explanation. Who is right and who is wrong? The chairman or the choristers?

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9 responses to “Int’l Headquarters Indicted In This Act But It Has To Be A Lie!”

  1. Ododo says:

    Makoko plays even during harvest proper and trust me no church, or parish is more spiritual and conservative than Makoko.

  2. Oloruntoyin says:

    In most cases, it is during this outside shows that some members of the Parish with their guests drink themselves to stupor all in the Name of Harvest Celebration. Yet we complain that blessings do not overflow like yesteryears after Harvest.

  3. OLUSEYI says:

    Oga Sam, why will you say she’s lying?
    If u see two different groups set up their stage after harvest, does that mean they are authorized by d church or the church choir? Yes they play after d service on their own will(which I don’t see anything wrong in, after all they don’t sing secular songs and I am so sure of that bcos i am a proud member of Ketu intl hdqrt and also an active member of d parochial committee of d church)
    Pls always get your facts right before concluding.

  4. Elder Isaiah,CCC Chicago,USA. says:

    Halleluyah, omo celestial,when papa started this church,there was nothing like music after the harvest,it was lately in the late 80s,that Steve Pelemoh (brobro)plays music at the washing of the feet for shepherd’s during the Easter season, the founder did not see anything wrong with it.But honestly,don’t blame the harvest chairman,true,the church was not founded on such principles,but churches with the permission of the shepherd use that medium to raise money for the choir,and also give some little token of money to there friends who perhaps play instruments during the harvest, celestians,ni bo lan lo?the choir celebrates cantata, there should be no need for such, it is the responsibility of the church to look into the good state’s of the church instruments before the harvest, with a budget. Am happy to inform you that CCC Ibara choir is autonomous, have there own account and they manage themselves, I can tell you that because there patron is our church patron (Sup/Evg J O Ogunremi)Please and please lets serve God in truth and in spirit. Any church who does it,is at the prerogative of the shepherd, is not Ilana.May God almighty continue to uphold his church.

  5. Arewa says:

    Most music after harvest and dome outside on stage is mostly not an arrangement by the church but Choir members who have bands.The Church doesnt pay for the instruments.It isn’t a new thing…Owolabi has a band and he was the lead vocalist of ketu choir till he travelled and every year he played and the person leading his band still does that.Yearly that is dine in Makoko too…ketu and makoko don’t sell Bazaar on Sundays of harvest but Monday after harvest so nothing is wrong with making everywhere lively to people who wine and dine till late in d evening. It is harvest we did we are celebrating and if is thanksgiving and God inhabits in praises …..

  6. Grace says:

    I was at international headquarter harvest last year, it was not the choir that played outside, a different person and bazaar was sold the following day, which was Monday

    • Sam says:

      Grace, your comment is untrue.

      Int’l Ketu’s Choir usually set up STAGES after the harvest, as a matter of fact, they have about 2 different Artistes playing at different locations. 2 years ago, Owolabi (the lead vocalist) had a stage, then 2 other guys set up stages in different locations.

      Please stop lying. Most CCC parishes set up stages after the harvest and it is usually the choir or members of the choir who man these stages. We are trying to cancel it in my parish as we speak…

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