Is This An Order From Pastor EMF Oshoffa Concerning Imkeo?

December 20, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 3 Comments »

A few days ago, we received some munched banners from a female member of the church. In the images, we have Celestial Voice of Unity with CCC logo conspicuously sited on it.

There are some words written in the banners that caught our attention and we needed to know on whose authority that was passed to the generality of the church.

Effort was made by this office to confirm the source from Cape Elder Akeju, one of the men at Ketu who are said to be saddled with the responsibility of attending to the Public affair of the church.

To my total dismay, my call was not picked neither was the SMS sent to his mobile line was attended to then we decided to go to press with it.

“Observe, Keep and obey the law of the land

Stop conducting service in your various homes

At Imeko, Mercyland and Basilica are the places of worship

Stop Organising your parishes revival at Imeko

Follow the laid down rules for the Convocation

One Shepherd, One Fold!

Is this coming from the office of Pastor E.M.F Oshoffa? It’s long overdue though!


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3 responses to “Is This An Order From Pastor EMF Oshoffa Concerning Imkeo?”

  1. Olusho Israel Olayemi says:

    Mummy @olomoplenty, y hmmm? say something ma!


    well to me as a person he has a very good point if only they could bring up a strong schedule of programs as in round the clock, clock ticking standard programmes to keep the parishioners busy while in imeko city for since on the 20th through to 25 that most people would go home why because it is because the church itself does not have any set down protocol of worship that is why people are coming up with grand ideas such as revivals cause all we do is just the not saying they are not good but this is the CELESTIAL CITY for crying out loud there should be some sort of order in place to guide people while they are in camp for instance the church talks about ilana so much that we have almost become like the pharisees and saduccees in the day of JESUS CHRIST they were all about the law of moses like we too now they talk so much about the rules and tenents of the church but the main things like salvation repentance,worshiping god in spirit and in truth are never visited that much to now add insult to injury when anybody wants to preach the word of GOD they start telling us the works that papa oschoffa did during his life time fine they are testimonies of GOD’S FAITHFULNESS to his servant oschoffa but for crying out loud this generation and time we are in now knowledge is increasing as god told daniel through angel gabriel that knowledge would increase and in this case it is like a two egded sword but are improving in both good and bad we need concrete food and not milk anymore if we worship let us also have the word delivered strongly not telling of stories,we ought to use the word to exhort,lift and feed our souls with heavenly manna by so doing members would have a reason coming to imeko other than just coming to dance watch mega 99 and the so many distractions at imeko so in other words if it is a young man that the ruling knows that will catch the attention of the generality in what ever expertise the lord has made him have wisdom and knowledge let him use to edify the church in general and don’t be like no he is not of age let the elders handle the programmes and by so doing the younger generations are so hungry as voraciously wanting to vent what god has put i them out for the world to hear.let us look at other denominations aside celestial church of christ they are so organised and well planned thank GOD the cathedral HAS received a lift we bless GOD,BUT WE STILL NEED THE STANDARD OF A CELESTIAL CITY CHURCH but i know we will get there gradually.other churches as i was saying earlier have programmes and even create time for fun too while in the presence of GOD a two in one combination like bringing in drama and song ministrations and people are blessed so back to where i started from if they bring out a blue print that is indeed standard and that will enrich the souls of every body that comes to imeko why not.let the pastor speak the word of god to us we heard that baba mobiyina is well versed in religion studies if i heard right so let him as an elderly father and those around him seek out geniune young men and women of god in this our generation and time and together let us bring out the shine of THE CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST that we used to have when papa was alive who says we can not ignite that fire again when papa was alive was there need for revivals here and there at imeko back then,yes we know that our fathers have a lot of work to do but then it cuts across to us all.that is my piece for now maybe later i will inject a few more happy 70th anniversary.yes we have not seen any like papa oschoffa after his demise but peradventure if we put ourselves in the right position before GOD he might decide to spark a suprise for us.isaiah64vs 4,eyes have not seen,ears have not heard neither has it gone into the hearts of men what things god has prepared for those who wait on him.

  3. Olomoplenty DARLINGTON 1 says:


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