Juju Act, Sunny Oyo Confirms That His Shepherd Asked Archbishop Ladigbolu To Sit In The Altar

August 22, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 8 Comments »

Sunny Oyo

#CNO erroneously used a photo of a young prophet and Juju artiste popularly called Sunny Oyo as shepherd of Omo Jesu Parish in Oyo Town, the man himself has come out to say his shepherd who worked and walked with Papa Oshoffa instructed the archbishop to sit in the altar with his mufti and a cap on in the cathedral of CCC.

The comment as posted by Allen Adetoyese read as follow, “Always do your findings before you post anything, I am the one in the picture, I am not the Shepherd in charge , I am a Juju musician popularly called Sunny Oyo +2348034892506: our Shepherd is a man that has been working as a Shepherd for more than 30 years, he is experienced with working experiences through Papa Oshofa and Baba Bada and more over the Ach Bishop you are seeing in the picture was a friend to Saint SBJ Oshofa, the founder of Celestial Church. He is Archbishop Prince Ayo Ladigbolu. The Shepherd dictates what happens in the Alter and the Church not the Prophet or Elders and I was trained to always be loyal to highest authority which comes from the Shepherd in charge or the most experienced Elder in the Altar. . My people, I advise we seek for the Kingdom of God first.”

For the mistake in the photo captioning, we are indeed sorry. But the fact still remains that, no matter how long this man has worked or walked with the pastor founder, it’s wrong of him to have an arch Bishop to sit the altar of Celestial Church of Christ in mufti, even the late pastor founder would not have authorised such.

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8 responses to “Juju Act, Sunny Oyo Confirms That His Shepherd Asked Archbishop Ladigbolu To Sit In The Altar”

  1. Ade says:

    Controversial comments that justifies wrong doing in the church and among its members just go to show how myopic many celestians are.Ohun tiko da koda ni. Koloruko meji. Koda ni!

  2. Micheal says:

    I am one of the member of the parish for the past ten years this man has never done wrong things or disobey celestial law but about this, is wrong to allow bishop ayo ladigbolu to seat in the altar without putting on sultana but what they posted here is not actually what happen bcs i was there . when the bishop enter me as one of side men of the church took him to seat in front chair . when the oluso see him he was so exited seen bishop ladigbolu in our church the man he has been hearing his name for the past 20years bishop of oyo, ogbomoso, oke ogun Diocese he said he want to honour him but is wrong to do that i know , but the oluso being a good leader and nice person that dedicated all his life to all members of the church. i met him after service to ask some questions but am ok with the answer he gave me. The authority called him yestarday from ketu to come and face panel . one of celestial member from another parish trow a question to me so i decided to share it with everybody bcs i dont know how to answer the question , if daddy G. O adegboye of rccg visit celestial church where would he seat

  3. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    What is wrong is wrong.

  4. Tooe says:

    This is not the first time non Celestial members sit in the altar. I remember very well an occasion when Pastor Bada came visiting. Big non Celestial pastors who came to welcome him sat in the altar. Read well…. They sat in the altar. And trust me baba Bada is even stricter than SBJ in issues like this. Chill and stop being Catholic more than the Pope himself.

  5. Balo says:

    What is the world turning,this are not norms of Celestial and it should be condemned, for the man who posted the picture he should no better.

  6. Kolade john olubiyi says:

    Him,mm where does he work with papa many used to claim that but they refused to learn when papa with bada are alive., what he should have done, he will make the bishop to seat in front of choir stage

  7. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    The Bishop can even be the father of S.B.J Oshoffa, it does not give him any access inside of altar of Celestial Church of Christ. Your shepherd has not lay a good legacy at all, it is a shame on his over 30 years as a shepherd in the fold.
    The Parish should have a district head, circuit head and Provincial head to do work a bishop on mufti is doing the Celestial Church of Christ. It is a big slap on the church from the so called longterm serving shepherd with no much to give this church than a shame.
    …oju mi nwo se yin loke orun.

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