Why Have The Leaders Closed Their Eyes To This? This Is Shameful!

December 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 1 Comment »

There is a trending photo about our Celestial Church of Christ and it’s so sad that the elders and leaders of our great church have closed their eyes to this just because it really doesn’t belong to their clique.

If we at #CNO must tell you the truth, some of the things we see on social media about us are not commendable, instead of us to embrace peace and unity that will help shape our identity and the way we are perceived in the society, we are all looking away as if all is well. Is all truly well?

Celestial Church of Christ is not really our property but Gods. It’s about time we all come under one platform to give the church a sense of direction.

This photo has no respect for the law of God, neither does it portray any regard for the sacred tenets and doctrine of the church. Reverend Mother in charge? Wow! This is sacrilegious! Even the Bible forbids a woman bearing certain names and playing certain ‘levitical’ roles. How come Reverend Omoge allowed this to be sneaked into his manifesto/ to-do list? It’s really a shameful thing, if this is not curbed as soon as possible.

This is what the constitution states about the Role of women in the church


  1. In Celestial Church of Christ, women are not permitted to preach the sermon or read the lesson or make announcements during Church devotional services. Indeed, they are not allowed to perform any spiritual functions connected with conducting of services in the Church other than saying the prayers when asked and reading portions of the Bible quoted by’ the preacher.
  2. In Celestial Church of Christ, under no circumstances shall women say the grace during devotional services or lead men in prayers. This is in accordance with St. Paul’s injunction (1 Cor. 14:34-35; Gen. 3:16).
  3. But outside the Church amongst a congregation of women and in outdoor preaching, female members may perform spiritual functions of preaching.

Now where are we really going?

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One response to “Why Have The Leaders Closed Their Eyes To This? This Is Shameful!”

  1. ijo Mimo says:

    This is exactly my point some time when we discussed about some of this leaders especially those that call themselves pastors. They left the sources (Ketu HQ) leadership not because whatever problem there can’t be solved, but because they are greedy, not true follower and real flag bearer of this fold. If not how did you explain all this strange doctrine and title?.but it’s all obvious “MONEY” they take money from this people and thereby cannot tell them the truth neither uphold the value and the tenet of the church. You claim to love Oshoffa and celestial but you are destroying the legacy? I SMH for all of them.they are nothing but rubbers. And God of Celestial will Judge very soon.waite and see!!

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